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Where Learning Happens │October 21, 2019

Grade books at the Secondary Level - IC and Schoology

The majority of question over the past couple of weeks have related to the Schoology and IC grade books and the Grade Passback between them.

Since we’re at the beginning of a new quarter, it seems a good time to review how to proof your Grade Setup in Schoology and IC.

Infinite Campus Grade Setup:

  • Create Categories - decide if you will be grading by weighted categories or total points.

  • Set up your Grade Calc Options - this must be done for every course.

  • Choose your grading curve - MS Curve or HS Curve.

  • If you’re weighting categories, Check the “Weight Categories” box if weighting categories.

  • Leave the “Use Score’s % Value” box alone.

  • Jeff Keller’s guide to setting up your IC located below is very helpful with these features and contains images to help guide you in the setup process.

Schoology Grade Setup:

  • Create the same categories as you did in IC.

  • Assign categories the same percentages as you did in IC.

  • Click on the category name to make sure your Schoology categories are being calculated based on “Total Points” (even if you’re weighting categories).

  • Check the “Weight Categories” box if you’re choosing to weight categories.

  • If the Schoology Gradebook is not your source of truth for grades, you might want to consider hiding overall grade visibility to avoid confusion between grade totals in Schoology and IC.

  • Are you using the Grade Passback sync? Make sure that you’re a part of the Schoology Grade Passback course: 6MCG-WV72-MCX4R .

Troubleshooting Questions:

  • Do all of your assignments have categories? Categories and Grading periods are requirements.

  • Are all of your Assignments and Assessments published? You can lock or disable submissions to keep students from attempting the work past a certain time period.

  • Did you change any information on the Schoology Assignment/Assessment after syncing with IC? This breaks the association and will create a new assignment in IC.

  • Check out the troubleshooting doc at the end of this article.

Are you still having trouble with your grade books? No problem, submit a help ticket to help@asd20.org and we'd be glad to assist you.

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