December News & Notes

Meadowview's Monthly Newsletter

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for cold weather that is! Please be sure your child has cold weather gear. We go outside every day for recess! We do not go out when the wind chill or temperature is zero degrees (Fahrenheit) or below. Gloves, hats, scarves, snow pants (when there is snow), boots are all helpful. Your child would also benefit from having extra socks and pants at school for when they get wet! No one likes to sit all day in wet clothes!

Meadowview gets a Free Little Library!

An Eagle Scout Service Project, or more simply the Eagle Project, is the opportunity for a Boy Scout in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of his community.

Meadowview, Edgewood and Sipley schools are the fortunate recipients of an Eagle Project from Jon Silkaitis, Troop 80, of Downers Grove, Illinois.

Jon has built Free Little Libraries for each of these schools. Jon built, installed, and hand painted each of them with the colors and mascots of the schools.

Free Little Libraries allow people to share their love of reading with their community. These libraries will be stocked with books for both adults and children. Student leaders will be caretakers of these libraries at their respective schools.

Prairie Area Reading Council, a local affiliate of the Illinois Reading Council, is the proud sponsor of this project! The Free Little Libraries are expected to be completed before winter break.


With input from the students, we've revamped our PAWS procedure and prizes! Each grade level now has their own PAWS container. We pull one PAW for each grade level on Fridays. The prizes have also changed, with input from the kids! We are having some experiences, such as playing games with a friend during lunch, or eating lunch with Dr. Neylon! We had winners win $5.00 to the book fair before Thanksgiving break! Our 6th graders are making "commercials" for the prize each week!

Students earn PAWS for being respectful, responsible, and/or safe. These are the three big expectations for Meadowview! We expect students to behave this way in all areas of the building from the playground, to the lunchroom, to the hallways, to assemblies, to the bus, etc! PAWS can be given to students by ANY staff member whenever they catch the students acting respectful, responsible, and/or safe.

All the PAWS that are not chosen, go into the "big" container for the Trimester Grand Prize!

Stay tuned for what that prize will be!

Attention Parents of 5th Graders!

There will be a parent information night with Robert Crown to discuss their "Life Begins" program to all parents of 5th graders. The "Life Begins" program will be presented to 5th graders at Meadowview AFTER the parent information night (date TBD).

The information night is scheduled at Edgewood School on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. Edgewood is located at 7900 Woodridge Drive.


One of the best ways for students to learn is for them to be in school. When students miss school, please be sure to call the office and let us know they will be out of school. Vacations are an unexcused absence.

If you don't call the office by 10:00 am, and no one from the office has spoken to you about your child's absence, we are obligated to call the police for a wellness check. The police will go to your door to be sure you and your child are okay. Thanks for understanding our desire to be sure your child is safe.

Music News!

Kindergarten is developing their ear by echoing rhythm and tonal patterns a skill, which they will continue to develop. The students have been enjoying the holiday themed music we have been performing.

The first graders continue to work on singing with excellent posture.

They have been singing seasonal music. They are also developing the skill of echoing their rhythm patterns.

The second graders are developing their singing voices by practicing the major scale using solfege. We have been singing seasonal songs.

The third & fourth grade students are putting the finishing touches on their musical, “The Big Chill.” We are working on what it means to be a performer. Please join us at Jefferson Junior High on Thursday December 21, 2016 at 6:30 in the evening.

The fifth graders are working on their “Pictures at an Exhibition” unit. They are connecting the attributes of music to the attributes they see in a corresponding work of art.

The six graders are working on their “Soundtrack of My Life” project where they connect personal life events to music that represents their feelings during these events.

PTO Update

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our fall book fair! It was wonderful seeing students and their families browsing our sale. And an extra special thank you to our book fair chairperson, Danielle Chesney, and all of the parent volunteers for their hard work on this event.

Please join us for our free Family Movie Night on Friday, December 8th at 6:30pm in our gym. We will be showing Polar Express. Wear your pajamas and bring your sleeping bags for a fun family event!

We will be having our classroom holiday parties on Friday, December 22nd from 1:45-2:45pm. Thank you to the many parents who have volunteered to be room parents. If you have not already sent in $3 per child for the cost of the party, there is still time to send it to your child's teacher.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Meadowview is bringing kindness to the forefront. Thought of by students and for students! Each day, students are challenged to complete different acts of kindness. The challenge will last until winter break! Ask your child what acts of kindness they've done!