By: Kacy Lawver

Stonehenge Information

  • Stonehenge is basically a circle of large stones
  • Many people believe that the Druids, Greeks, Phoenicians, or Atlanteans built Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge was built in stages from 2800 to 1800 B.C.
  • Located in Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge is a famous tourist attraction
  • People think that a group of people built Stonehenge to allow observations of astronomical phenomena, summer and winter solstices, eclipses, and more.
  • Some of the myths or legends that go with Stonehenge are The Sun And Her Followers, The Dancing Giants, and Face In The Stone.
  • The Sun And Her Followers: A long time ago, people worshiped the Sun and were able to communicate with it. A group of followers wanted to build a temple for the Sun. The Sun led them to a small forest by the river where they could find wood. They built a woodhenge. The Sun was pleased. After some time, the Sun got stronger. It thought the woodhenge wasn't good enough, so it had its followers build a henge made of stone. Stonehenge was also built so that descendants could know the Sun's good deeds.
  • The Dancing Giants: It was believed that Giants once existed before humans. The Giants were dancing and circling around the Salisbury Plain. Suddenly they froze in place and turned into stone. Many people believe this legend in the past because the shape of Stonehenge somewhat resembles Giants holding hands while standing in a circle.
  • Face In The Stone: The 'face' in the stone is only noticeable on certain days during the summer. People believed he was the architect of Stonehenge. He had 'possessed' one of the stones to ensure that no harm would come to the stones.
  • "It presents one of man's first attempts to order his view of the outside world." - Stephen Gardiner
  • In fall of 2009, scientists discovered another part of an ancient path that leads to Stonehenge.
  • I think that a group of people made Stonehenge to make a symbol to show that they were there before anyone else was.
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