Sonia Jungblut

Fast Facts

Continent: South America

Capital: Brasilia

Population: 204,259,812

Area: 3,287,611 square miles

Main Languages: Portuguese

Main Religion: Roman Catholic (64.9%), Protestant (22.3%), none(8.0%)

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.: 418.17 miles away

Game and Sports

Brazil loves futebol (soccer) as much as other countries too. Basketball an volleyball are also very popular in Brazil. Children play card games and board games too. If their parents can afford it.


Brazil has three favorite holidays :Easter, Children Day (Oct. 12) and Christmas. Amigo Secreto (secret friend) common tradition among friends and family during Christmastime. The beginning of December they write a name on apiece of paper everybody does it, not to revel the name on paper throughout the month. Apelidos (fake names) and exchange names.


Between ages 7 and 14 it is required to go to school Monday-Friday. They go in the morning or afternoon but never both. They wear uniforms until high school. Science, math are more important in many schools. Some children cant afford to go to schools.

What I would want to see and do

If I do move to Brazil I would want to watch the sport games. Also speak their language . I want to celebrate their Holidays. I notice that a lot of children are poor so I would want to help them and their family's (schooling, medical treatment etc.)
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