By: Joey V.

The Warden

James A. Johnston was one of the wardens that Alcatraz prison had. James A. Johnston was the warden in 1934 – 1948. James A. Johnston was the warden for four-teen years. James A. Johnston was the first warden at Alcatraz prison.

What the Prison Became

The prison Alcatraz is now a tours guide which people come to , see what the prison became. The prison Alcatraz is history now. People have made ghost stories (myths) , and other stuff. Alcatraz is now just an old prison in San, Francisco. The prison shut down for several years and reasons.

Military prison?

The prison Alcatraz was original a military base (military prison). Solders would go there if they had problems or if they broke the law after the war.


Prisoners was discipline by being hot, dirty, weary, unshaved, depressed, desperate, and showing plainly that they felt like they were at the end of the trail. And had strict rules like prisoners could not even talk to each other.


Several military prisoners escaped most by boat. But the famous escape was only the prisoners Anglin, his brother John Aglin, and frank Morris. They possible died in the cold waters but their bodies were never found. They all escaped by making dummies with real hair. And dug holes with spoons from the mess hall. The dummies were found next morning but they have already jumped.

Pass the time

Prisoners would pass the time by playing card games or a very short time of being outside. They would play hand ball, softball, or prisoners would just sit in the sun and let the time go by. The walls were very tall with barb wire so they could not escape.

Visits and gifts

Prisoners could have one piece of mail each week, family news once a month. Mail was checked and retyped. Prisoners could have visits for only forty-five minutes relatives and lawyers only. Visitors could only talk about family news guards would listen and if anything else was being discussed guards would be allowed to interrupt and the visitors would have to leave the island.