cassidy hragyil

Mental Illness

"Everyone experiences anxiety sometimes, but when it becomes overwhelming and repeatedly impacts a person's life, it may be an anxiety disorder." I think the mom has an anxiety disorder because whenever a stressful situation comes she just barries herself in her art work. Also, when the family had no food she went crazy and said dad dried to throw her out the window.

Civil Disobedience

In The Glass Castle the dad shoes the most civil disobedience. He is actually the full definition of Civil Disobedience. He believes that he is above the law and above the government. He tries to have his family act the same as him and he makes their lives very hectic because of it. Sense he doesnt care about anything the government say, he doesnt pay bills or do anything causing his family to always get up in the middle of the night and move from town to town.


"One type of alcoholic is the belligerent

type who is verbally abusive and is consistently looking for an

argument. The recipient of these attacks is exposed to high degrees

of verbal and emotional abuse." I think this relates to Jeannettes dad because he is constanlty angry when he is drunk and he is causing problems. One example is on Christmas when the whole family was very excited about their new tree and decorations, and the dad knocked it down and it caught on fire.

Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act

If Jeannettes family had the homlessness act that president Obama passed their life would probrably be much easier. They werent neccesarily homeless but they had a lot of struggles. The health care acts could have defintely helped them too. But we also have to think about the fact that the dad would never use the governments help. Maybe if he did trust the government they could live in a shlter and have a stable life. Instead of constantly having to move from city to city in the middle of the night.

Parental Rights in America

I think the parents definitily could have gotten their parental rights taken away from them. The dad was addicted to alcohol for a long period of time. They neglected the children for long periods of time. They were to worried about themselves and they didnt believe in rules or parenting really.


The definition of educational neglect is when a parent or guardian's failure to ensure the child attends school as required by law.The Walls children rarely attended school and half the time they were not even enrolled in school. This is complete educational neglect and education was not a priority for the Walls family.