Partly Cloudy

Jessenia Ortiz

Movie movement

Nimbus is a sentative cloud he doesn't realize he makes dangerous animals and his unique nothing like the other clouds.


Person vs. person

Every time nimbus makes a animal for the stork it makes it painful for him.


Characters- nimbus and the stork

Setting- the sky

Rising action

Event 1- The birds go to pick up the clouds to pick up sweet animals that the cloud make to deliver.

Event 2- One bird goes to a dark cloud that makes dangerous animals.

Event 3- The bird day dreams as he sees the happy clouds and the other birds.


The stork goes to another cloud and the dark cloud get mad makes storms then cries.

Falling action

Event 1- The stork flies back the dark cloud.

Event 2- Opens the bag he got from the other cloud got the gier out and puts it on.


The stork and nimbus work happly forever making and delivering animals.