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Learning with dyslexia

What is dyslexia?

To find the answer to this question and for more information, visit Teenshealth

Understanding dyslexia

Dyslexia at a Glance

  • Dyslexia is the name for specific learning disabilities in reading.
  • Dyslexia is often characterized by difficulties with accurate word recognition, decoding and spelling.
  • Dyslexia may cause problems with reading comprehension and slow down vocabulary growth.
  • Dyslexia may result in poor reading fluency and reading out loud.
  • Dyslexia is neurological and often genetic.
  • Dyslexia is not the result of poor instruction.
  • With the proper support, almost all people with dyslexia can become good readers and writers.
For more information, see The National Center for Learning Disabiities

An in-depth look

Boston Children's Hospital has a one-page comprehensive overview of what dyslexia is. You can visit tabs "In Depth," "Testing & Diagnosis," "Treatment," and "Research and Clinical Trials" for additional information.

Need more information?

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