Understanding the Weather Machine

By: Jessica and Asyah



The movement, or transfer, of heat through a gas or liquid.


When warm air or water rises out of an area, cool air or water flows in to take its place. The steady movement of air or water due to convection.

Prevailing Winds

Winds that usually blow in a certain direction.

Coriolis Effect

The curving pattern of wind and ocean currents caused by Earth's rotation.


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What does the picture show?

The map shows the main prevailing winds around the globe. The winds blow toward the equator from higher latitudes to the north and south. They are known as trade winds. These winds were named for their ability to move sail-powered ships carrying trade goods across the seas.
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What does the picture show?

The picture represents convection. It shows that hotter and less dense material tends to rise, while colder, denser material tends to sink under the force of gravity.

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  • Convection occurs in both gases and liquids
  • Weather is the product of natural forces working together like a machine
  • The "weather machine" takes energy from the sun, earth, and the atmosphere and transforms it into rain, winds, and other types of weather
  • If Earth didn't rotate, the prevailing winds would move in straight lines between the equator and the poles

Video (The Coriolis Effect)