Service Occupations Informational Flyer/Vinny Gonzalez.


Ways to be safe when doing Janitorial work are, do not swing equipment, wear PPE, and when mopping, make sure to put out a wet floor sign.

Cleaning Schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is to demonstrate all equipment and area's are cleaned by following the days or times.

Cleaning Products

Some cleaning items we use, are a squeegee, mop and mop bucket, and sanitizing spray.


Lobby Broom: To pick up piles.

Push Broom: To make piles.

Angle Broom: To get the corners of the walls.

Cleaning Products

The 3 cleaning products, are sanitizing spray, polisher, and window spray.

4 Steps To Sanitary Bed Changing

4 steps to sanitary bed changing are to wash your hands before and after, get the correct items, remove the dirty sheets, and set the items on a clean surface.

Purpose Of Sanitary Bed Changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing Is so the beds will be clean and nice and so germs won't spread and won't get the patients sick.