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Mound Showdown Week - September 20-24, 2021

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Mound Showdown History

Mound Showdown is a yearly tradition here in Flower Mound since 2000. Mound Showdown is the football game everyone’s been waiting for, a fierce match against our rivals, Marcus High School. Marcus and FMHS have a long history with each other; once part of the same school, in 1999, part of Marcus High School split off to become the new FMHS. That was when a rivalry was born.

Students and the community of Flower Mound cheer for their home school, and the win going down in Showdown history. All of FMHS is confident, especially the coaches. Coach Hardin says he knows that “we’re going to win!”

The new FM9 players are especially excited since this is their first year participating in Mound Showdown, and the buzz is spreading through the school. The students are psyched for a FMHS win!

Mound Showdown Spirit Week!

Mound Showdown Stats

Jaguar Spirit Wear PopUp Store @ FM9 Thursday

Buy one of the NEW shirt designs and make it easy to participate in spirit days this year! Mound Showdown shirts are $20. Get yours this week!!

THe Jaguar Spiritwear will be set up outside the cafeteria on Thursday at FM9 & Friday at Main Campus. Don't forget your money … cash and credit cards are accepted. Stock up this week & help support a Jag Win!!! Go Jags!!!
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Wins of the Past

Marcus says they hold the all-time lead, but Flower Mound’s going to change that, year by year, starting with this one! Flower Mound and Marcus have gone head-to-head for 20 years worth of intense football matches. Even though Marcus got the win for the first three years, the Jaguars swooped in to take the crown for 7 years in a row. FMHS was on fire! But the thing is, our insane streak came to a halt when Marcus regained control in 2008, ending our blaze of glory. After that, Flower Mound High School slowed its pace down a bit, letting our rivals get ahead. Marcus had three consecutive wins in 2014, 2015, 2016, but, we took the trophy back with two wins in 2017 and 2018. Sadly, Marcus retaliated by winning in both 2019 and 2020. This year though, their reign of terror will be broken by this year’s amazing team. GO JAGS!

Prepare for Battle with the FMHS Coaches

Coaches and players used last week's bye week to prepare for the BIG rivalry game, but they’re trying to keep practices normal. Offensive Line Coach Waters said that they were acting like [it’s] any other game. “If we lose, it’ll be a letdown.” Focusing on “Marcus’s schemes” is the main priority.

A big part of any football game is planning and preparation, especially for such an important game. Right now, Coach Erb and Coach Hardin said they were “breaking down film, getting players healthy, fixing mistakes, [and] focusing on [the players].” Injuries and stress are really harmful to a player’s physical and mental health. It’s important to keep the team in tip-top shape and to not let the pressure get to them.

One-on-One with FM9 Football

Thomas Medley, receiver for the FM9 Silver Team finally gets his chance to play cross-town rival Marcus under the Thursday night lights. Middle-schoolers attended games as fans, but now he is prepared to take the field as a player. Medley said, “We practice every day for two hours, lift weights, watch films, and do tackling drills.” Medley doesn’t think he’ll be nervous because he knows some of the football players at Marcus and how they play. Overall, he is excited to score touchdowns and get the win. GOOD LUCK and GO JAGS!

Football Schedule & TICKET SALES

September 23

  • 5:30pm: FM9 Silver vs. Marcus @ Marcus Marauder Stadium
  • 7pm: FM9 Navy vs. Marcus @ Marcus Marauder Stadium

  • 5pm: JV vs. Marcus @ Neal E. Wilson Jaguar Stadium
  • 7pm: JV Navy vs. Marcus @ Neal E. Wilson Jaguar Stadium

September 24

  • 7pm: Varsity Football vs. Marcus @ Marcus Marauder Stadium

TICKETS for Friday's Game on sale at the FMHS Front Office

($4 for students & $6 for adults) - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST


  • During ALL lunches
  • After School


  • During D Lunch ONLY
  • After School


  • Before School (if not sold out)

Avoid the line and buy ONLINE

Volleyball Schedule

September 21 vs. Plano East @ Plano East HS

  • 5:30pm: FM9A
  • 6:30pm: FM9B
  • 5:30pm: JV
  • 6:30pm Varsity

September 24 vs. Marcus @ Marcus

  • 5:30pm: FM9A
  • 5:30pm: JV
  • 6:30pm:FM9B
  • 6:30pm Varsity

September 25- TBA :

FM9B Volleyball vs. Grapevine Tourney @ Grapevine HS

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As you choose your amazing outfits for school ... here's a quick reminder of dress code expectations and a few points of concern:

  • Appropriate Length shorts/skirts/dresses (mid thigh is appropriate).
  • No hats, visors, hoodies on in the building
  • No midriffs or spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Pajama pants for spirit days only
  • No Shirts/Clothing that advertise drugs, alcohol, profanity, tobacco
  • Student IDs must be worn in the building at all times.

First offense will be a warning and ask to change clothing. Repeat offenses will result in disciplinary actions.

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