Safe Driving

By: Caty Ghaly Digital Literacy Period: 6 1/6/2016

How can I create a presentation that will show people how to drive safe ?

I selected this topic Safe Driving because I wanted to know more about safe driving and I wanted people to be more careful while driving. Plan ahead, Maintain your vehicle, focus, do not do anything that causes your hands to leave the steering wheel, your eyes to leave the road

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For safety, Plan ahead: know your destination and the safest route to get there. Buckle up: seat belts are your best defense in a crash so use them its the law. Keep a safe distance: always give yourself enough room to maneuver in case of an emergency. Be mindful for your speed: obey speed limit signs and be mindful of special condition such as traffic, construction, or curving roads. Know your surrounding: be sure to know whats happening all around you not just in front of you

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Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. ~Author Unknown

The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. ~Dudley Moore

Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car. ~Author Unknown

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Do not do anything that will cause your eyes to leave the road, hands to leave the steering wheel

You can get into a crash while texting

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