Cougar Chronicles

Week of May 16-20

What's Up With Us...

  • Keep updated with what is happening in SPECIALS
  • Remember to Complete Grade Level Planning Notes by the Friday of each week

    ~Be prepared for testing meeting after school for ALL staff :TAs (for proctor training) & ALL certified staff in case we need you for testing*THURSDAY, MAY 19 right after second load leaves

    ~Look around your classroom. Go ahead and make plans to cover/take down all curriculum related materials from the walls for the week of testing

    ~May 20 marks end of Interventions and gives you enough time to get together the MTSS/RTI files on each student. Those files are to be given to Bethany Phelps by Tuesday, May 24.

    ~Don't forget that ESL traditional schedule ends on 5/20 and is adapted for EOG reviews

    ~Be talking about PERFECT ATTENDANCE on EOG testing days---we have prizes planned for staff and students ! ! !

    ~~~~CHALLENGE to all of our students: GET 100% of AR goal this last nine weeks. PLEASE make a point to call/email the office when your classroom reaches the 100% goal marker for AR. Practice is SOOO important! Thank you for staying on top of this valuable reading experience for our students!~~~~


    Great News to Report: ESL After School program saw MAJOR growth in student understanding from February through May. THANK YOU all for ALL you did to make this happen! What a great uplifting way to go toward the end of the year and our EOGs! Keep up the great work!


    Look for ways to present and take what you do in your classroom BEYOND your 4 walls and even outside of OUR wonderful school. Here's a snippet from an email sent to me about our BC Digital Learning day. I'm going to work on presenting at this conference...will you? AND even if you don't present, please consider going to learn from others who are MAKING things happen...

    "A call for presenters at The Burke County Digital Teaching and Learning Conference will be opening soon for the entire district and presenter space is limited! As an NCTIES participant we wanted to remind you about your opportunity to share what you have learned and how your classroom has been impacted by leading a session at our DTLC." (from CIO- Melanie Honeycutt)


    Below is a document to shows teacher behaviors to be ranked proficient, accomplished, or distinguished in each standard. Second attachment is actually examples of questions to ask of you do ALL these things every day and consistently? If so, you would be ACCOMPLISHED in this area. Sometimes would be PROFICIENT.

    Tech Tip- Making Mind Maps of What You Study

    Can be adapted for all grade levels, but if students have to create a diagram of what they are thinking about as they read, they REALLY are thinking about what they are reading.

    For many of our LEP/EC students, diagrams, flowcharts, and graphic organizers are built into the accommodations we make for them everyday.

    If one of you try this out and find out how it works, please SHARE!!!!

    Here's the LINK

    Visual NoteTaking....yes, that idea AGAIN!

    I mentioned this a few months ago

    I attended sessions and discussed it in my TED Talk at the faculty meeting after NC TIES, but I am still learning about how to do this.

    I LOVE how this makes people think about what they are learning. In reviewing 8th Grade Science with my daughter these next few weeks, we're planning on doing this. I encourage ALL grades to at least watch the video below and see how this could be used to discuss and remember what it is we want them to learn (AND KATHY SCHROCK is one of the first technology integration in education GURUs!)

    Check this out. Worth the watch!

    Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

    Below...the videos you may not have viewed- Follow up to our last Faculty Meeting

    Part1 What's Up FacMtg 4 28 16
    Part2 facmtg 4 28 16

    Below are Spreadsheets of Our Brainstorming and Planning for next year. You have to be logged in and should be able to view once you sign in to Google with BCPS information. If these links don't work, please let me know. They should be able to view with an BCPS email associated with you. *Don't forget to make these events happen! *