Camp Believe

Making A Believer Out Of YourSelf

Camp Description:

Camp Belive Is where you can come and

make a believer out of yourself

or make others believe in there selfs.

Decide what you want , believe you can have it ,

believe you deserve it , believe it's possible for you.

Camp activites

Mission Statement

Here you come to believe in yourselfs .

Dont think you cain't do something without beliving in yourself first.

Your children might think there different from other kids but

in reality there all the same on the inside .

We recive children up to 7-16 .

We also recive annyboddy around the wrold that have the same

disabilities that we have here.

Ages - 7 to 16

We Recive all children aorund the world that have

the same disability as my campers here this summer .!

How much we charged for ages :

We charge to children that are 7 and under 25 $

And children that are 7 and up we charge 30-35 $

But it lisen parents this camp is worth it !

Yall children are going to have a blast here

dont be concern there are going to be watched

and incase of an enmergency there will always be

a nurse 24/7 so no need to be concern about your children .

Shedule activities:

1:Get Breakfest and it starts at 6:45 am.

2: Get readdy wear what the activity appropriate clothing .

3: Go out and do Swimming / Zipline / Fishing etc........

4: Lunch time !

5: Any other activites planed

6: Dinner

7: Bed time its at 10:00 pm sharp .

If You Have Any Question Or Concern Please Contact Us Here !