By: Morgan coyle

Influence on modern society

The Romans were a very important impact in the community back then and even are now. We use the things the Romans made to this day. Without the Roman Empire we would t have columns ,arches, and other great architecture structures. In the United States we borrowed the idea of the senate that was used in the government of Rome, another thing that we currently have are our civil law that we have which are like the twelve tables that had in Roman and finally we use the idea of "innocent until proven guilty", is also used today in the United States government.

Why the Roman Empire was the best

Rome is the most influential civilization because of how it impacts modern day society so much, without the Roman Empire we would not have amazing architecture structures like columns, arches and many other things like aqueducts. Society wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the Roman Empire. We wouldn't have the structured government that we have today or the magnificent buildings.


The Roman Empire's government was a republic unlike most of the other classical civilizations, they let the people have opinions and gave them a say in government. The aspects that they used in the Roman government like, the senate and the twelve tables were amazing and a new concept that many people liked. The people were given much more power than they would've ever had before.