Auschwitz Reseach

BY: Kevin Maxwell

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Auschwitz 1 Facts

- Consisted of 22 pre-war barrack buildings

- Held around 16,000 prisoners

- First prisoners were Germans transffered from other camps and Polish political prisoners

- Living conditions were inhumane, many deaths due to typhus and cholera

- The lower the social status was of the prisoners, the more demanding the work became

- Prisoners were used as medical experiments

- Poison gas Zyklon B was tested for mass extermination

- Purpose was to incarcerate all real and percieved nazi enimies, provide and supply forced laborers for deployment in SS owned enterprises, and to be used as a site for physically eliminating targeted groups

- SS - Had command over Auschwitz
- Elie Wiesel - former prisoner now bestselling author

- Dr. Josef Mengele - best known physician at the camp

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Auschwitz II Facts

- Birkenau was largest of all Auschwitz camps

- 90% of all victims from the Auschwitz camps died at Birkenau

- 9 out of 10 people killed here was Jewish

- 6,000 people a day were killed

- Purpose was to kill the Jewish, Polish, POW's, Gypsies, and prisoners of other nationalities

- Estimated number of victims - 2.5 mil

- Rations were barley enough to keep prisoners alive for slave labor

- Inmates worked till dusk where they were escorted back for evening roll call

- No heat or running water, allowed to use limited toilets for a monitored 10 seconds

- Prisoners who tried to escape or help another prisoner escape were publically hung during roll call

- Heinrich Himmler- Nazi General, important leader of Auschwitz II

Auschwitz Facts