10 Elements

by Charlie Gribble


Elements are pure substances in science that can NOT be broken down by chemical or physical means into a more simple substance. The main place you can find elements is on the periodic table.
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Atomic Number

Atomic number measures the number of protons in the nucleus of center of an atom

1. Argon (Ar)

Argon is an element that is very abundant in our atmosphere. It is used to preserve foods and keep foods on the shelf. It is found in soda cans, potato chip bags, and whine bottles.

Atomic Number= 18

2. Americium (Am)

Americium is a chemical element that is found in smoke detectors. Americium is a man made radioactive element. Don't worry though since Americium is an alpha emitter it can be toxic but only if ingested. Luckily the plastic covering on the detector is more than enough of a barrier to stop the release of the element in the air.

Atomic Number= 95

3. Platinum (Pt)

Platinum is a precious metal found in Catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are found in modern day cars and allows complete burning of hydrocarbons.

Fun Fact: Platinum was more valuable than gold in 2011.

Atomic Number= 78

4. Bromine (Br)

Bromine does not have a real role but is highly toxic in large amounts. It is found in fire extinguishers and was found in Mountain Dew until 1970.

Atomic Number= 35

5. Lithium (Li)

Lithium is a light weight and compact element. It is found in rechargeable batteries. It is also found it's way in medicines.

Atomic Number= 3

6. Sodium (NA)

Sodium is a silvery-white high reactive metal. Sodium is found in glass, table salt, and baking soda.

Atomic Number= 11

7. Carbon (C)

Carbon is an element that was discovered in 3750 BC. Carbon very rarely reacts with chemicals. It is super strong which is good since carbon make up the diamond rings or ear rings that we wear.

Atomic Number= 6

8. Aluminum (Al)

Aluminum is a light-weight metal that doesn't corrode. You can find aluminum in soda cans, kitchen ware, and foil.

Atomic Number= 13

9. Chlorine (Cl)

Chlorine is most commonly found in household bleach an don't forget about the swimming pools. Chlorine is a greenish gas that is the second lightest of the halogen group on the periodic table.

Chlorine= 17

10. Chromium (Cr)

Chromium is a hard shiny metal. You can find Chromium in stainless steel appliances and in rubies and emeralds.

Atomic Number= 24