Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 37 News/Updates: Rounding out the year with a BANG!

Team Message:

Hello Team,

We officially have 3 more weeks of school left. That's 3 more weeks of targeted and strategic teaching and learning. That's 3 more weeks of common core aligned projects. That's 3 more weeks to change a child's academic trajectory and ultimately impact a life! As I have stated many times before, YOU are the difference makers and You got this! As you read through this week's newsletter, please note any questions or comments that pop up and as always feel free to reach out to Katrina or Krysten. We know that you are actively MAP testing and gathering all sorts of other data points to show your scholars just how much they learned this year. If you have any questions or need support in any of this or data analysis, please reach out to us! Shout out to Stacy Bailey for already reaching out for support with her MAP Analysis!

Curriculum and Instruction Updates and Reminders:

Daily Expectations:

  • Make sure you are sticking with the May pacing (according to the pacing calendar) as closely as possible. The final Engage NY Module for each grade level is an excellent guide for rounding out the school year and preparing students for their next grade level.
  • The expectation is that students continue to recieve aligned lessons and aligned activities. This is not the time to ease up and allow students to watch movies, play online games, or have free time. Keep your regular bell to bell flow and you will notice a smooth progression of the next three weeks.
  • Remember guided notes are being used in every Math class everyday! Feel free to be more creative with your guided notes, but the expectation is that students continue to have them daily!
  • Creativity, use of manipulatives to help build foundational concepts, interactive workstations, engaged students, relevant anchor charts just to name a few.
  • Core lesson focus points as well as small group focus points. This means that teachers should not be using packets with randomly mixed skills to get students ready for testing. Teachers should strategically teach core skills (noted in the pacing) to mastery and use their small group and workstation time to reinforce skills to be assessed on MAP according to daily/weekly data or in preparation for next year.
  • Make sure that do nows, center rotations, and guided math groups incorporate spiraled skills as well as current skills. #Connections #Connections #Connections Make sure students are making connections within skills and across skills.

Projects: Make sure you have planned any project based learning activities in detail. All projects should have a typed project description that students receive. This description should include a rubric for grading. All projects should include aligned common core standards. Students should be able to tell you the significance of the project and what they are learning throughout the process.

Final Math Competition: Project Based Learning

Many have started specific Math Related Projects to Round out the School Year! So, why not make it a friendly competition!

We will pick the top 3 Projects across 3rd-5th grade! To be considered please see the following requirements and due dates. Reach out to Katrina if you have any questions!


  • Detailed project description with rubric
  • Pictures of students working on the project
  • Pictures of the final project with rubric score

Email Katrina these 3 things by May 23rd! Winners will be announced in our final news letter before May 27th. The 3 winners will receive a certificate of recognition, a surprise (you know how I love surprises), and of course BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Reach out if you have any questions.........

Final Curriculum Survey

Huge shout out to Deborah O'Neal, Allison Thompson, Shayla Morgan, Deneia Brooks, and Allyson Chambers for their curriculum work this year! Their work is much appreciated!

As we refine curriculum and prepare for next year, we need your feedback. Look for the end of year curriculum survey to come to you next week. We can only improve our supports for you with your feedback.

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint

This is a working hub that will evolve and grow throughout the school year. You will find both resources from Katrina and the C & I Team here.

3rd-5th Grade Math Resources and Curriculum 2015-2016 School Year direct link: (copy the whole link and paste it if it doesn't open) Math Additional Resources.aspx

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint 2014-2015 School Year Direct Link: