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Peter jennings the youngest anchor...

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Peter Jennings is Born..

Jennings was born July 29th 1938 in Toronto,Ontario, Canada. Born to Elizabeth and Charles Jennings. He also has a younger sister Sarah.

His early life..

Peter started his broadcasting career at the age of nine, starting as the host of Peter's people a half hour children radio show on Saturdays. His father was outraged when he learned that CBC network put his child on the air. Jennings attended the trinity college school in port hope Ontario, in which he was very good at sports. Jennings transferred to lisgar collegiate institute where he struggled at school.He blamed it on boredom and failed the 10th grade then dropped out. he attended Carlton University then dropped out quickly after joining.


Although he wanted to follow his father in his broadcasting career, his first job was as a bank teller for the Royal Bank of Canada, where they located his to the town of Prescott, Ontario then to Brockville. During the his this he explored acting by taking parts in musical productions. In 1959, a local radio station hired 21 year old peter Jennings as a member of their news department. in 1961 Jennings had joined the CJOH-TV staff then off to a television station in Ottawa.

Young anchor..

in 1964 Jennings ran into Elmer Lower the president of ABC News, who offered him a job as a correspondent for the american network but he initially rejected it. After three months he changed his mind and moved to the united states.

Jennings reported for ABC in New York , on February 1, 1965 ABC the picked him up from reporting in the field to the anchor desk.

"ABC was in bad shape at the time," Jennings said. "They were willing to try anything, and, to demonstrate the point, they tried me."

behind the desk..

As inexperienced as he was Jennings had a hard time keeping up with rivals at the other networks. some in the american audience disliked his Canadian accent.

his lack of knowledge of american affairs and culture led critics to deride Jennings as a "glam caster.' . unqualified Jennings stayed three more bumpy year then quit and become a foreign correspondent.

moving down.

Jennings was determined to build his journalism credentials abroad. In 1968, he established ABC's Middle East bureau in Beirut, Lebanon. the next year he demonstrated his growing affairs with palestine:new state of mind.

1970's: He conducted the first american television interview with Palestine.

Jennings' official title was "Foreign Desk Anchor," although he continued to serve as the network's chief foreign correspondent

in 1979 he married for the third time.

in early 1980's Jennings played with the possibility of moving back to canada and working with CBC but the deal fell through.

Back behind the desk..

On August 9, 1983, ABC said that Jennings had signed a contract with the network and would become the sole anchor of ABC nightly news. and senior editor for World News Tonight on September 5.

his death.

He died April 5th at 67 in new york city in 2005. His death was the cause of a battle with lung cancer due to smoking in the past, he left with 50 years in broadcasting.

Word that's sums up peter Jennings


Because even though people hated on him he held his spot and never gave up his goals.

Peter Jennings and President Clinton

Peter Jennings interviews President Clinton.

Peter Jennings' Final TV Sign-Off

lets test what you know!


where was peter Jennings born?

a.) Vancouver

b.) Toronto

c.) Montreal

d.) Ottawa


what caused Peter Jennings death?
a.) Multiple Myeloma

b.) Lung cancer

c.) Skin cancer


How many siblings does Peter Jennings have?

A.) 1

b.) 2


d.) none

questions I have for peter Jennings

"If you could have one last interview who would you interview and why? "

"What was it like moving from your birthplace to some place that don't know?"

"if you could redo anything in your broadcasting career what would you redo?"

"If you could do one last report on the ABC nightly news what would you do your report over?"

"Some people were not happy about you being Canadian how did you feel about the hate?"

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