By Elizabeth Gutierrez Cruz

Discovery of Neptune

Neptune was discovered in 1846 before Neptune was discovered ,astronomers were finding that the planet Uranus did not go where they thought it should ,as it moved among the stars .some of them decided unknown planets must be affecting Uranus orbit .John Galle searched in these planets with a telescope ,and he found Neptune .


Neptune has one large moon and at least 12 small moons . The large moon is called Triton .Neptune has only been visited by one spacecraft ,the space probe voyager 2,in1989 . The space probe took photographs of Neptune and gathered information about it. The Hubble space telescope also given useful information about Neptune .


Neptune revolution around the sun in an almost perfect circle .It takes 164.79 Earth years to orbit the sun once ,and this is the length of neptune years .The sun's strong gravity keeps Neptune revolving around it .Because it axis is tilted ,Neptune has four seasons as it revolves around the sun .Each season is about 41years long . Astronomers have not found changes on Neptune that are caused by the seasons .