Pennies are worth more than a cent.

Pennies should be kept

Pennies help people.

Some of you may say there's no point in point in pennies and they are worth nothing,Pennies are actually worth more than a cent to some people they gave meaning to people.Thats not true pennies are very useful to many people like kids,homeless people, and even adults. Pennies help kids make money, if you think about it pennies go in a piggy bank for children and when they brake the piggy bank they see lots of coins/pennies.All those pennies put together make a lot of money and paper money which people actually care about. pennies help homeless people too!!!Homeless people need all the help they can get and pennies will help.Pennies are also very helpful for adults.Parents who can't pay for their child's medical bills in cancer hospitals or just hospitals need donations.Pennies are always a big donation for hospitals.when lots of people donate their pennies over time it helps me,e lots of money for charity / donations.Not only are pennies helpful to kids homeless people and adults but they have special meaning to people.

We want pennies

Why do we want to keep pennies?

Actually I just randomly pick this subject,but,I did learn that theres a lot of people out there who want to keep pennies,and I think about it,since the pennies has been in US for so long,so why don't we just keep it,in fact, look back at all this,I realized how many Americans desperate want to keep the pennies,and all those reasons,why don't we just keep it then?look up,they are totally in love with the pennies! Instead of fighting over a small thing like this,let's just keep it.