Sonny White

August 2015

In August I did not want to go back to school but I had to.One thing that I did in August was play basketball and have fun everyday with it.I was listening to Kevin Gates on the Beats Pill XL all in August.Kevin Gates is the best rapper alive that's why like him.I also went swimming in the ocean in Gulf Port Mississippi.

September 2015

In September I had a few fights during September that I have won and honestly it was fun.I love fighting and playing basketball and that's mostly what I did during September.I also was riding my bike a far ways to and it was fun sometimes although I really wasn't suppose to be going far.I love riding my bike a lot because I can see some of my friends when I go far.

October 2015

In October I was playing basketball having fun at school.October wasn't as fun as September and August though.But it was almost as good as those to months.I went to play basketball at meas house almost everyday we had fun even though she was shooting way better than me.One thing I could not stop doing is laughing because I was saying "please catch it".It was so funny everyday that I came over there I was laughing and neither could she.

November 2015

In November I walked down the street all the time looking for somewhere to play basketball while I was listening to music on the Beats Pill XL.Some places we found to go play basketball and listen to music while playing.The music made me good it made me want to play even harder so I did and we won some games.I love basketball so much that's all I play after school and during school.I love basketball because its a fun sport and I love crossing people up and shooting threes.

December 2015

I love watching NBA because my favorite team plays a lot and they win a lot to.My favorite team is the Golden State Warriors and they are really good.My favorite players is Stephen Curry, But that's mostly what I do is watch basketball.I could not wait for christmas though so I can get his jersey for christmas.
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January 2015

In January I had a few basketball games for hooks and the first one we lost but then we stepped up our game and we tied the second one up 10..10.But we tried our hardest to try an win the second one but a tie is better than losing.I'm just glad we tied it up instead of losing we may have been disappointed in each other but I was sad.
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