Towards A Protected Childhood

GPS Tracking

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Children add value to our lives. They are prized and treasured but, sometimes, they are only dream for few and this fact makes them even more precious. The need to provide children wholesome protection from any danger near or far has always been the need of the day and though parents strive to do their best to provide them so, sometimes a lack can well be identified. Though it may not be deliberate but, nonetheless it does make children suffer. Hence to enhance protection of the children and make living for them much comfortable and protected has arisen a mobile application product called as eSchool Travel of IT Company, Javin. It is time to become smarter, safer and protected. The eSchool Travel mobile app hopes to simplify school travel of children through its GPS tracking mechanism. It also aspires to bring ease to parents and the school authorities through sharing of real time location of the school vehicles over the internet with the help of smart phones. It’s other unique features are- Swift messaging through the application, self-configured notification alerts relating to the present location of the school bus, inbuilt alarm facility for drivers and so forth. This revolutionary application will provide the school authorities their very own fleet panel where they can monitor all their transport vehicles at once. The product is wholesome, futuristic and hopes to bring an end to crime against children. It should be suggested to all responsible parents and smart schools. The application can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Every individual hopes to see a little mini him/her walking on Earth. A few actually take the opportunity of becoming a parent as a privilege because it is a bitter truth that a few couples do not get this lucky. Thanks to growing complexities of ways of living and life in general many kinds of ailments make it tough for a few couples to become parents and this bleak fact make the children even more prized and valued.

Infant mortality rate in India has been on decline but, not a steep decline. Slow and steady, we are reaching a momentum. Literacy rate thankfully is on a commendable rise and every parent aspires to enroll their children in the best of the best schools. World class education in the need of the hour but, somewhere in all this hustle bustle of superior schooling a vital factor gets ignored- Security arrangements outside the school.

The security arrangements in the school premises of course are thoroughly examined by the parents but, outside the school?

It is often compromised upon and if not, outside the school premises which child can be a 100% safe? Such wholesome protection cannot be promised by anyone but, what can be promised is a stronger protection.


IT Company, Javin has come up with one such product that not only assures of the child’s safety outside the school premises but, also allows school authorities to install stricter security regimen by giving them an application that will bring to them their entire fleet of school vehicles with just one click.

The eSchool Travel mobile app lets the parents comfortably track and monitor their child’s school bus through the GPS tracking methodology. It also empowers them quick communication with the driver of the school bus through configured notification alerts of the real time location of the school bus along with chat through messaging.

This futuristic product of eSchool Travel can be brought to use by one time downloading the mobile application from the Google play store by all the parents, school management and the bus drivers. Nominal subscription charges will have to be paid by the parents.

Luckily, for early bird subscribers, a one month subscription plan is free for now.

We suggest you to give the application a try and bring a protective change in the life of your dear little child. You may recommend the application to your friends too!

Eschool travel is a mobile application product brought to the world of technology by the company Javin, which is a team of experienced professionals that are revolutionising the smart phone era through their futuristic, Internet-of-things based products.

They believe in progressive innovation for creation of products that will assure a smarter living. Their prime focus is to provide enhanced, effective and simplistic user experience to their valued customers through continuous evaluation and our structured quality processes.

Eschool travel pledges to take the smart phone era to a new and unmatched horizon. It aims to make the society a better and safer place for one & all, beginning with the future of the society- the school going children. It pledges to evolve parents into smarter parents and their kids’ school travelling into safer and protected travelling through their mobile application named- Eschool travel mobile app. It assures to end the jitters of all the mothers who get worrisome about their kids travelling to & from the school in the school bus.

It promises to provide self-configured real time location updates of their child’s school bus along with the option of having live chats with the driver apart from serving as a directory of all emergency numbers and location updates of nearest SOS services like- hospitals, police stations, fire stations, etc. And, that’s not it, the application is much more comprehensive and useful than all the features detailed here. It’s motto, “Safe to to home” they aim to achieve with the help of parents & school authorities, for the application does not only enable parents to track & monitor their child’s school bus but, also empowers the school authorities to closely monitor all of its school buses at once. Thus, through this impressively futuristic product, Eschool travel aims to bridge the gap between school buses & parents along with school buses & school authorities; not to forget, vice-a-versa.