Every Day

Written by David Levithan

Character Analysis

A is a undefined being who doesn't know a time when he didn’t go from one body to the next each night. He has aged to sixteen years old and takes on the bodies of teens who are also around sixteen. He has no control over when or how he finds his way into a new body. A falls in love with Rhiannon while in the body of Justin. A explains to Rihannon what happens to him every night and she doesn't believe him. Although they are both in love with each other they both know that they can never be together, because of what happens to him. He has his own memories but is able to go into the memories of the person whose body he is in that day. A doesn’t know why he is in this situation, but he is very careful about the lives of the people. He makes good choices throughout the day so that way the people that interact with the person he is in don't suspect anything.

Book Review

I personally would recommend this book to teenagers, I enjoyed reading it, so I think others my age would too. It has a great story line and is full of details and interesting thoughts throughout it, so you wont get bored of it. It is very interesting how this person takes on the body of different people everyday and goes un noticed, and has no control over it. He falls in love and cant do anything about it, because one day he is a girl then a boy the next, his race changes everyday as well. Imagine waking up as a completely new person everyday? Looking at yourself in the mirror and not being the person you started out to be. It must be terrifying.
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