By: Avia and Chloe

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Facts That You Should Know About Makeup

  1. Get rid of your make-up: mascara- 3-6 months; eye shadow- 2-3 years; nail polish- 1year; and liquid foundation- 6 months
  2. Take off your mascara off before you sleep because the mascara can dry your eyelashes over night and cause them to fall off.
  3. Moisturizers, sunscreen, eye make-up, lipsticks and more all contain Squalene better know as shark liver oil.
  4. Dark eyeliner was created, in part, to protect people from the harsh rays of the sun.
  5. Cosmetic companies may use almost any ingredient they choose.
  6. Formaldehyde can cause cancer in humans and is found in nail polish, hair gel, shampoos, and lotions.
  7. Makeup wipes and makeup remover is the best way to get your makeup off. Washing your face doesn't get it all off!
  8. Ethylene oxide is a recognized carcinogen, it is found in fragrances and shampoos
  9. LEAD can be found in lipstick, foundation, and 650+ other cosmetics
  10. in the USA, there are no laws that require cosmetic companies to demonstrate the safety of their products.
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READ the ingredients on all of your makeup to prevent from having allergic reactions or cancer.
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Being a cosmetologist or makeup designer is a great career if you loving doing makeup or if you would want to make makeup
11 Terrifying Facts About Makeup
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