Chris Van Allsburg

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I know you are board in your room and you want to have a sleepover but all of your friends are busy. You don't know what to do, Sing Dance or Draw so you hop on your computer and an add for a poster about an artist named Chris Van Allsburg pops up and it looks just like this. You click on it and read it now tell me what you think.

Here we go

Growing up as a child, Chris didn’t want to be an artist; he wanted to be a sculptor. When he decided to draw, he drew in pencil because he didn’t know how to do anything else, and because of this he is famous for his “original” drawings.


Chris Van Allsburg was born on June 18, 1949. He was born in Grand Rapids Michigan with his mother Doris Christiansen Allsburg and his father Richard Van Allsburg. As he began growing up Chris and his sister Karen had many experiences and laughs and because of this he is an amazing artist. As he grew older he used many ways to make his books but he mostly liked to use pencils because it was the thing he knew how to draw with best.

Adult Hood

Chris went to the University of Michigan in the year of 1967 then in 1975, Chris started a sculpture studio in Providence RI.Then in 1980, he was given the Caldecott Honor Medal for The Garden of Abdul Gasazi.Next in his life he dicided he would start a family he got married, to a women named Lisa and does not have any children. YET!!


In 1975, Chris started a sculpture studio in Providence RI. This was before he ever knew he totaly wanted to be an artist. At first no one was very fund of his pencil drawings because they were not filled with light and color. Since he did not use much color and light he is one of only few of the people that use pencil for thier drawings. Since he loved to draw sculptures and plans for sculptures he was already prepared with pencils and charcol and how to use them.