Media, the Teens' Brain Controller

Media is controlling your brain, and teens' decisions

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Advertising and media are ruling

A fact widely denied by many is that media is controlling everyone’s brain, and teens' decisions. For instance, I am not a big Coca-Cola fan, but every time a commercial comes on for it, I need to buy every bottle. I buy as many as I can for no reason other than it looking tasty in the commercial. Not only for drinks, advertising in media has found a way of establishing the universal image of the “perfect” male or female body. The advertising has gone deep into teens creating want and desire to their products. All this desire was able to change teens’ thinking way and affecting their decisions. Advertising showed me along with all the teens that we NEED whatever their product is. This is a major issue that needs to be solved; it causes many problems will all teens decisions. Advertising in all channels of media is affecting all teenagers including myself, leading to the lack of logic in our decisions, but I attempt to solve this problem by reading and meditation.

The Problem

Advertisements in all sorts of media have now outrageous control on teenagers brains, leading to impetuous decisions. It is said by journalists that American teens are now fatter than they have ever been, and that is because of their lack of logical decisions formed by the advertisement’s attraction. Advertising have created a mind controlling attraction directed to all teens; the allure of the advertised product makes me CHOSE to buy whatever that product is. It may not seem like a big issue, but overtime, choosing becomes random based on my needless wants. To bring a long story short, what advertising does is creating a powerful want in our brains to chose their product instantly, and unfortunately leading to that habit in all our decisions. As the journalist, Adrienne Frank, noted that Jaffe — an owner of an organization including over 400 brand— said, “If an 18-years-old is able to vote, drive, marry, than ‘how can we say that a 17-years-old can’t handle an ad for a cereal or hamburger?’”(Frank 1). This is true because we can’t handle advertisement because of the desire, but we see too many. In fact an average teen and adult are exposed to about 247 commercial messages daily, and the sources may vary from television to newspapers to advertisement on the internet. Furthermore, Parker-pope, a New York Times journalist notes that, “Dr. Steinberg notes that the brain system is involved in reward processing is also involved in the processing of social information, explaining why peers can have such a pronounced effect on decision”(Parker-Pope 1). Furthermore, the peer pressure problem extends to depression or stress because of the feeling of inferiority; caused by nat having what everyone else is because of fast decisions. One thing to mention, we teens use media for eight and a half hours, and I use media for about five hours everyday. I see over 55 television commercials, and 45 internet commercial messages.

Simple Solution

I am a part of the next generation, the generation of the future. Until this moment, tweens and teens, including me, are easily affected by media, and this is leading to the creation of a disorganized future. With simple solutions, I live life happily and in a balanced way. As a matter of fact, this solution can be resolve in an easy way, nonetheless effective. Most of these ads are presented on televisions and magazines, so I simple balanced myself. For every hour I spend watching television or reading magazines, I will read a book for 15 minutes, and meditate for ten minutes. I am 100% sure that many people for find this quite silly, but it's effective in an unimaginable way! It was proven by scientists that meditation helps change the brain’s structure along with controlling long lasting emotions. Meditation can reduce pain, releases stress and anxiety, and lastly fight depression. Likewise, reading helps reducing and relieving stress, improve analytical thinking, and helps organization. To bring a long story short, a major world issue can resolved by reading and meditating!

To conclude, advertisements are helpful to companies, but they are unimaginably dreadful to teens’ decisions. Our choices have gone from bad, to worse because advertisements are increasing in all forms of media. More advertisement will equal more uncontrollable desires, eventually leading to all these impetuous decisions. However, by doing two simple activities, reading and meditating, I was able to restore the usage of logical thinking before deciding. All those trends coming out and friends along with advertising pressuring me, I started taking fast, and logic-less choices because of the temptations; ending up taking fast decision in regular life.Advertising in all channels of media is affecting all teenagers and me, leading to the lack of logic in our decisions, but I attempt to solve this problem by reading and meditation.

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