General Information

The country site is located is on Chile's Pacific coast,the historic quarter of the seaport of Valparaiso.It is a cultural site and was placed on the list in 2003.

If you was going to explain about my sites I will say.

This is a city that has elevators that takes people up and down hills because it is steep and you can't walk there.The city got bigger in the late 1800’s. The building are all different kinds of colors.In 1536 the city was named differently than Valparaiso. They called it Pedon de Valdivia. The first people who discovered the site of the future city was Juan de Saavedra.

What makes my site special/unique?

What makes my site unique is that the houses are different the way they are different because they are all different color like It will be bule purple it is also different because there is a steep hill and a office of a navy.

Fact about my country it is in?

Valparaiso was found in 1544. Located in South America.It also the size of 70 football fields it has it’s own style the way it has it’s own style is because the house are differnt color .They have elevators on the hills so that they would not have to climb the hills.

Why is Valparaiso called that?

The reason Valparaiso is called that is because that name Valparaiso origin from a spanish term for valley and paradise

Why are the houses different colors?

The wall in Valparaiso that are painted is cover in griffin and it ‘s also like finding yourself being watched upon by big eyes from weird characters or people that are drawn on the walls or building .

Information about the elevators

Before 1883 the people of Valparaiso had to climb thousands of stairs.They had to climb the hill from there houses to the streets.The ; elevators were built in 1800’s to the 1915’s. Incet the 1900’s there was 30 working elevators.Today many have been brought back and they are using 15 of them.

  • The first unique elevator is Concepcion - The elevators helped take people to different places they needed to go and it was created in 1883. The elevator used water to help it move.

  • Polanco was built in 1915. The elevator is straight in the city. The Carriages can only hold for just eight passenger and climbs 60 meter inside the hill,there is a middle way station.

  • last but not least the Artillie is the most popular one as it provides the best views of the bay and the harbor.

Why is Valparaiso protective?

It is protective because it is a beautiful example to the early phase of globalization.Valparaiso shows us how the leading commercial growth in the late 19th without the seaport we could not communicate with the rest on the world it all will just say in Valparaiso

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