Important COVID-19 Update

September 28, 2021

Case Counts, Quarantines, and Masks

Case Counts

Since the beginning of the school year, we have been monitoring the number of students that are positive for COVID-19 and the number being quarantined. Our positive cases remain low (less than 1%). The total percentage of our student population quarantined since the beginning of the school year is currently at 15% and increasing due to the quarantining guidelines we must follow.


Interruptions that result from student quarantines are not good for children, families, or schools. Quarantines are disruptive and have a negative impact on family routines and the learning environment. The good news is the disruptions of quarantining can be minimalized.

The required State of Ohio quarantine language, of which Allen County Pubic Health is simply serving in compliance, states that if a child is a "close contact" (exposed to the virus) but is fully vaccinated or was wearing a mask during the exposure, that child will NOT be required to quarantine at home. In the other words, the ODH quarantine flow chart allows for asymptomatic students who were wearing a face mask to remain in school AND extracurricular school activities following a school exposure.

You can find the quarantining flow chart here.


Wearing masks is a strategy that can prevent K-12 students from being quarantined even if they are a close contact to a positive case in school. Wearing masks is a strategy that can prevent K-12 students from missing school and activities. We urge you to strongly consider your child wearing a mask to school in an effort to avoid quarantining and reduce the spread.

The district will sustain personal choice in wearing face masks based on the proportion of COVID-19 cases in school-aged children within our schools, positivity rates, case counts, and quarantines. If the number of our students and staff in quarantine or isolation increases with a surge, we will transition to requiring face masks for staff and students.

Please remind your child: Face masks are required on buses. Wear a mask. Keep your ride.