The new kind of war!!

Will we win back our world: Monday, July 30 3035

By: Corbin williamson

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Bad guys turn good!!!!

Sam wilson a brilliant teen hacker tries to find his way into a hack convention called neohack.. but on his journey he has alot of bad things coming his way... hopefully he will get through and save Los Angeles.... Starring Paul Newman and Johnny Depp.
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Neuro headset^

This is a neuro headset.. this is how Sam and some of the other hackers hack things on the Internet..

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To: Franklin Robertson

I am having issues getting out of the prison without getting caught.. is there any advise you can give me before i stay here forver..


Sam Wilson

To: Sam Wilson

I got your letter and i think you should hack into the security system using one of the computers while the guards aren't looking and kill all of the locks and systems... then run on the outside of the prison while everyone else is running to the gate and stay within the mob and hlget out of there as fast as possible...


Franklin Robertson

Feature article..

The city of Los Angeles has been destroyed by our government and hackers are joining together to try and save Los Angeles....
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The front cover of the book...