Georgia Ann Hill

Police Officer

Early Life/Birth

Georgia Ann Hill was born on May 12 1879 . Georgia died Sept 21 1961. She was raised by her older sister . She started in Landry parish Louisana , Usa. Died in Los angeles California. While attempting to break up a fight between two drunken women in the jail, she suffered a head injury that led to total permanent blindness. She became involved in various community organizations.
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Achievments !

She was spotted by a Los Angeles Police Department recruiter who offered her a job. On July 25, 1916, Georgia became the first black policewoman in LAPD history, and likely the entire United States. She was first assigned as a jail matron, then later worked juvenile and homicide cases. She discovered in the course of her work that there was a great need for a women's shelter, and helped found the Sojourner Truth Home for those with nowhere else to go.

Colleges ?

Louisiana State Police training Academy


Georgia was quoted in the September 1954 issue of Ebony magazine - "I have no regrets. I didn't need my eyes any longer. I had seen all there was to see."