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The long,difficult road to become a film star

How Does One Become a Film Star

Many have had the question, "What is the key ingredient to get on screen and rule the box-office?". It's not just talent and good looks; it comes down to endurance and perseverance. Of course many other things play a key role in becoming a celebrity film star ,though, they all revolve around perseverance. The steps listed below show the route to success.

The first thing one has to do to become an actor is learn how to act. Acting is a gift given to many while others have to develop it. This is a long road where many mistakes will occur ,though, perfection only comes after that. Second, find a location where directors live and shootings occur. Again, conviction and persistence are required. You have to go to numerous places and take screen tests and auditions. With the dedication, a screen role will come, though, it may be small to start with and sometimes may take a long time to get. The third thing to consider is be willing to do what it takes. Sometimes, relationships have to be sacrificed and low-time jobs have to be worked. The ambition to be an actor is what helps a person trying to be an actor during these times. The final thing to do is be nice to people. There can sometimes be shortcuts along the way ,and that only comes from other people. If you are kind to others who could help you, they will remember. You never know, sometimes the smallest people could bring you to the top.

Of course, these steps are exhausting, though, it is the only way to become successful. Actor ,Tom Hanks, has spoken about how perseverance is the only key into becoming a great actor. The great actors all had to persevere and they know the struggle best. Have assurance about your career and if you have the determination, you'll be there one day my friend.

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A Simple Solution To a Broad Problem

Living in a Volkswagen camper van, having eight hour shifts in a factory, grades showing extreme suffering, and this is all happening in adolescence! This looks like a young man who has no chances of a good future, but somehow this teen grew up to be one of the most richest and famous men in the cinematic world, Jim Carrey. That's right, this is the story narrated to the whole world. With all these problems encumbering the young boy, the effect was that, he unfortunately dropped out of high school. He thought, “What is the only way I can support myself and a family? What am I good at? Is there any chance?” Then it clicked! Jim was a phenomenal comedian and performer. In Kindergarten through middle school, he performed ten minute gigs at the end of class. The ambition was always erupting inside of him to perform and entertain people. So, the conclusion came; he would move to Los Angeles and try out in the entertainment industry.

As soon as Carrey arrived, he started giving a regular gig at The Comedy Store. He impressed many famous stars and comedians such as Rodney Dangerfield. This led to something exciting; he got into movies based on recommendations. Directors realized his talents and immediately cast him into comedic and goofball roles,and,man,he did them phenomenally. He always had audiences wondering what the limit to his talents was. Until today, he has starred in over fifty movies which have all been extremely successful. This caused a good reputation and a net worth of $150 million.

Many people went through a similar path Carrey went through to get in a few successful movies. They put their resilience and talents together to make a good name for themselves. Movie stars are what we try to reenact, though, in my opinion, they have the toughest job in the world and have to persevere through that. So do not worry my friend. Practice your talents and have resilience; you will always get their one day.

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Hollywood Adversities; Two Different Stories and How They Are Similar

The stars on screen are captivating. They inspire us to try new things through their movies. They just have to be perfect otherwise there's a big financial loss ,and their career is practically over. Though, there are many people who have disabilities and are still on screen; how? Two people who are immensely successful are screenwriter and imaginative zombie author, Max Brooks, and director, Steven Spielberg. They both were spiked by dyslexia, a disease that mixes up words and makes it difficult for us to read. These are their stories.

Max Brooks is today known for, World War Z, a scary, zombie story which has transported many people to a horrendous zombie apocalypse. Steven Spielberg is a phenomenal director who created the bravery of Indiana Jones and the fright of Jurassic Park. They both dropped out of college because their dyslexia impaled them and made it hard for them to continue on in their education. They overcame this ,and both are extremely successful in their fields. Their stories are different too. When Brooks was rejected from college, he went with the flow and didn't try too hard to apply again. Spielberg kept applying over and over again and was rejected. Soon, after a few tries, he got into a college. Also, like many other actors Brooks was a son of a celebrity, Mel Brooks. This was a head-start on the difficult road. Spielberg had to persevere more ,as he was just a common man. Overall, both people had to persevere through their own adversities.

Thousands of people in Los Angeles are taking screen tests and are desperate for a role on screen. There are of course many obstacles in the way, though GRIT is the only way to overcome them. Sometimes, people just can't take the road anymore and give up. However, some are lucky and make it through the difficult stage. Despite the fate of people, there is always the power of the Hollywood Adversities.

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Dancing With the Resilent

One adversity every actor, actress, dancer, and singer has to overcome is the audition. They are designed in such a way where pressure is overwhelming. Also, the best job a person can give is not always appreciated by the director. Though, with dedication, auditions can be battled and beaten. A story similar to this is Fred Astaire's, a famous dancer, singer, and actor. His charm and talent is everlasting ,though, who knew he failed multiple auditions.

Astaire was born in Omaha, Nebraska to Johanna and Fritz Astaire, a couple of brewers. He entered Broadway at age five with his sister. With success there, in 1932, he headed to Hollywood. Directors saw his absurd facial features and inadequate acting and said no. His dancing and singing got recognition ,though, still the man remained desperate. He was going on auditions daily and soon got a deal with RKO studios after a few months. His numerous talents came in handy and soon the man was becoming a big shot. Soon, he was one of the top box-office stars. Besides that, he started singing on the radio and opened Fred Astaire dance studios to spread the art of dance. Until today, the cinematic world is indebted to him.

Astaire never let those auditions put him down and instead let them boost him forward. His perseverance is what put him on screen. It's with every actor. It looks like they are the most talented people on Earth ,though, they were rejected numerous times. Today, every actor must know that. Auditions of course are despising ,though they are the only way an actor can reveal his or her talent; they must be overcome

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Passion Pays Off

The macho man, the man with no name, or Rowdy Yates, he has touched the hearts of many with his movies. His contribution to international cinema is immense. This is nevertheless, the actor, director, producer, and musician, Clint Eastwood. Who knew that this dashing young man was once rejected because of his ugliness.

Eastwood was born to factory workers. Ever since youth, he had an extreme passion for acting. He devoted much of his time to that and soon was good at it. Teachers commented on his passion and told him to go in drama and star in plays ,though, he refused. At the time, he was a soldier and was working odd jobs to get small money, this had to stop. After a while, his acting was phenomenal and he realized this could be his career after all. He was confident for a roll since his acting was so strong ,but directors rejected him because of his ugly looks. He was tall and his face boasted a big mole, also he was thin. Now, he was jobless ,but wasn't going to give up on his passion. He began visiting the gym daily and gained muscle. He worked on his appearance as much as he could ,and soon was looking better. His rugged looks stood out. Every director then realized, he was the ideal person to put on screen! His perseverance paid off immediately, Eastwood got big-time roles and has had a reign on Hollywood until now at the age of 85.

As you can see, the man loved acting and adhered to it. This dedication caused a star to form. Many are inspired by Eastwood ,though, he only became a star because of his perseverance. Many stories have been told ,and many will continue to form as perseverance in Hollywood is immense. Develop a passion and soon you will realize; it could take you past all limits.

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Inspirational Words From Actress Jennifer Aniston

"There are no regrets in life. Just lessons."- Jennifer Aniston

Making mistakes in the film career are necessary. The need to know what not to do is more than knowing what we have to do. Make choices carefully and don't give up from mistakes, learn from them.

The Perseverance Film Festival - Inspired From the Cannes Film Festival

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Final Thoughts

There's no limit and reach for the sky. Miss and you'll be among the stars. Start on your path and don't dare think about stopping; show everyone your talent. It never matters if people put you down. Challenge yourself and persevere through all adversities.