New Day of Hope

Saving lives with each sunrise

Orphanage located in Haiti, at Rue Oswald Durand, Port-au-Prince

What do we do?

We rescue abandoned and homeless children and we take care of them as our own. We make sure that they are happy, fed, and healthy.

Daily life in New Day of Hope:

Saving kids' lives doesn't have to be that hard.

Our System:

  • Our supervisors are kind, but there are rules.
  • We make sure kids understand to be responsible, honest, humble, fair and confident.
  • When children reach a certain age, they are taught responsibility by being given a pet. (Exceptions- those with allergies, fear, etc.)
  • Older children take care of and share with younger ones. Older children are paired with younger ones and share a room on either Floor 2 or Floor 4.
  • Kids are given freedom in choices, academics and outside life.
  • We give out surveys for improvement and happiness of children.
  • Our place is built to withstand earthquakes to give the highest level of safety to our children.


  • To create an ideal environment and society.
  • Our kids are becoming interested in a wide variety of subjects, and we are hoping to purchase, according to kids' biggest interests:
  1. Paint, brushes, pencils and paper for ART
  2. Balls, gear, and shoes (cleats) for SPORTS
  3. Clothing and accessories (shoes, dresses) for DANCING & ACTING
  • We hope you can make a donation for our goal, and for these kids.



-New Day Of Hope Orphanage is now partners with TOMS in giving a child in need 1 pair of shoes for every pair that you buy.

High School Service Learning Project

-HOM-High School (Route Solile 9) is willing to plan service learning events for our orphanage. Help by attending or by planing your own events. (Two girls from HOM- Michelle Lee and Caroline Peng- created this flyer to help us. They also volunteer at New Day of Hope regularly and have lots of fun with the children.)

Find more information at


We provide education to these beautiful kids

Our subjects are:

1) Math

2) Science

3) English- Language Arts and Social Studies

5) French- Official language of Haiti

This is for their future, and their future is important.


Every child is important and precious to us. They all deserve a good home, a good life, and a family. <3