Chivalrous Cultural Icon

Rajput in History

A History of the Rajput

Rajputs originate in India and held positions of extreme importance within the social hierarchy of the day. Their traditional diet consisted of meat, which is a heavy protein rich diet that would assist them in muscle building and strength conditioning. They are chivalrous cultural icons because though they practiced skills in warfare, they were followers of Hinduism as well as Sikhism which required individuals to honor life.

Why are they Popular Icons Today?

Rajputs are still relevant today because ancestors of the Rajput society still exist. They were important figures of the past, and have contemporary influence over Indian culture due to their prominence in Indian history.

Rajputs over the Ages

What Can We Learn from The Rajput Today?

Rajput culture teaches us that fearlessness, bravery, and collaboration can create opportunities for great legacies to be born.
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