The Raft Research

By :Kaleigh Benfield


Text to Self

I Have been to the beach I Walk around on the beach looking for seashells and i have found a couple of things that are interesting like paper wrappers and etc...

Text to text

The clay is book that i have red and it was about to people a little boy and a grown man that had got strand on this island .It reminded me of this book The Raft.

Text to world

In flordis these two little boys go fishing on the coastline of florida but one day on the News they were saying they got lost at sea .The search team searched for days and could not find them so they dismissed the case it was sad that they were not found.

On the island

So after a couple of day they found and island with a big reef around it so if they go to the island they are causing dangerous thing to the raft so when they go to the island the raft popes and Max and Robbie are stuck on the island but maybe a day or a couple hours Robbie finds things just laying on the island she found the items just walking back and forth thinking about what she is wondering about how to the leave the island.

she found a lighter a santa claus and a dead person in a she is saying to herself Max i need you to help me becuse later in the story she knows that max is dead max is just a spirit helping her get her way back home. later that afternoon she see's a research boat on the horizon and the reason the boat came to the island was because they we researching the island she got luck that they came to that specific island

In the ocean

Well after the plane crash Robbie was thought she was going to drowned but Max pulled her hair to help her u cause the thought she was going to die she had no air to breath.but after Max pulled her up he felt dizzy from being it so hard when the plane crashed.

so Max went to sleep.after maybe two days robbie was dehydrated no water or food so she decided to look around the raft to see if she could find anything the things she found was a first aid kit and patch box so if the raft popped and a ditty bag.she was so tempted to open the bag because it was Max's ditty bag so she opened it while Max was sleeping.

Before the plane crash

Robbie came to the island to visit her aunt Aj and she found out that Aj was not going to be able to make it because of a business trip.So Robbie decided to have some fun while Aj was gone .so she went to go get her nosed pierced and then she went to Mcdonalds and she got Robie and she got scared and wanted to go back home.

Then she said to herself she is going to get on a plane and leave Hawaii so that's when she meet Max on the plane max new that the plane was going to crash so Max told robbie to come with him on that raft Max tried to save the co pilot but he couldn't .