BMS 1:1 Update


Device Roll Out

What: It's not just handing out devices, but we are planning a community celebration!

When: October 7, 8 in the evening

How Long: Families need to plan for 1 hour

What Can You Do?

  • We need everyone to work one or both nights, a sign up sheet will be coming soon
  • We need any community connections you have for donations of food, drinks, giveaways (contact Canario)
  • We would like for clubs to be able to use this night to advertise themselves

Teacher Devices

At this point all certified teachers should have a working ipad. If it is having issues, ask the tech team first. If they can't fix it, Shedden is the next person to ask. Click here for the tech team request form.

Cases are coming. I don't know when. I will tell you as soon as I hear something. We are required to use the provided cases when they come.

This Month's Featured App-Thinglink!

Thinglink is a cool app that creates an interactive image. You can link to videos, quizlet, websites, definitions, whatever you want within your image. It could be used on an individual basis, or as a new presentation tool. It can be used as an app or web-based.

Here are some content specific ideas on how it could be used:

SS: Use it with maps

Science: Diagrams like cells, or Engineering Design Process

Math: Going through steps of an equation

ELA: Essay structure

WL: Vocabulary

Health: Infographic on food pyramid

PE: Form of a particular skill

Music: Show sheet music, link to audio of different parts

Art: Highlight different techniques within one piece

Design: The skill of just making one!

Here are some examples:

Parabolic Shapes in Real World

Spanish Class Syllabus

Solar System


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