Marine Ecosystem-Media Project

A presentation of the marine ecosystem.Enjoy!!!

What is an Ecosystem?

An ecosystem is biological community of interacting organisms and their psychical environment. They are formed from biotic and abiotic features interacting and playing their niche,or role.

Parts of an Ecosystem

One part of an ecosystem is its abiotic factors. Abiotic means "Nonliving".Some examples for abiotic factors are rocks,sand,and shells.But these are only ocean abiotic factors. There are many more to add. On the other hand,there are biotic factors too. Biotic factors are—you guessed it!The living factors. In your neighborhood you are a biotic factor. In a ocean ecosystem some biotic factors are Dolphins,Sharks, and Fish. There are more than those three, too.



Types Of Ecosystems

There are three types of marine ecosystems. Freshwater, saltwater, and estuary. Freshwater habitats have little salt, but not enough to make a big difference in the habitat. Saltwater is the exact opposite. Saltwater has a lot more salt. Since there is a difference in the ecosystem in the habitats, different species live here. Now, and estuary is totally different. An estuary is somehow salty and fresh. It is when the fresh river meets the salty sea. It is huge and has more organisms.

Favorite Ecosystem

Of Course, my favorite ecosystem is a marine ecosystem. Which is why I´m making this flyer! Marine ecosystems in my opinion, are the best. Having plants that live underwater, fish, mammals, everything! Of course, I also love it because of my favorite mythical creature-MERMAIDS!!!

Plants and Animal Life

In the marine ecosystem, there are many plants and animals that live here. A couple of marine animals that live here are octopus, Sharks, and sea lions. Some plants are sea weed, algae, and anenomes. They live together in their ocean environment. There are more animals and plants, but those are just a couple.

Threats to the Ecosystem

One threat to the ecosystem is fishing. When people fish, it takes away the fish in the ecosystem. It can get damage the food chain and web, and mess up the ecosystem. Fish in he web or chain get eaten and taken away from their home. If too many fish were being caught, the bigger fish that eat it could die out. Then whatever eats the bigger fish would die out too. Sooner or later, the food the tiny fish ate would become over populated. Before you know it, the whole ecosystem has changed.



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I hope you enjoyed!