Week 2 Newsletter

Letter from the Director

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Parents, Friends, and Family!

It’s hard to believe that we just started our second week here at SIG Princeton this morning. What appeared to some as a daunting experience when they checked in on a sweltering Sunday one week ago has turned into a well-oiled routine of classes, social activities, evening entertainment, and study tutorials. The students are doing a fabulous job of getting to places and events on time – aided by their ever-vigilant Counselors, RAs and Housemasters. Even when thunder and lightning threaten to keep us from meals or scheduled events, students remain flexible and ready at a moment’s notice. With 308 students, everyone’s patience, attention to detail, and engagement are greatly appreciated!

Just as we finally got all course changes made and new schedules distributed on Wednesday, we were granted a brief reprieve from the oppressive heat, which did everyone a world of good. The cooler climes on Thursday helped everyone rejuvenate and give their shorts and flip-flops a break from constant use. As well on Thursday, students were given a much-appreciated vacation from the dining hall food and enjoyed a wonderful take-out dinner experience outside on the quad, where they were able to hang out with friends and enjoy the pleasant weather.

As Director, the greatest thrill I get from this job is getting to experience the unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity students express both in and outside the classroom. On a thrice-daily basis, I am afforded the chance to listen to students talk to their friends and classmates in the dining hall, share stories from class, work on seemingly impossible questions and problems, and make real world connections to things they learned from their instructors and TAs. While students might miss home cooked meals or the opportunity to sleep in, their passion for learning and desire to take on any academic challenge shine through in everything they do.

As I tell my residential staff on a daily basis, I am one happy camper – and yes, pun intended. The investment, professionalism, and enthusiasm of my staff are helping to ensure your students have a truly unforgettable three weeks. Nevertheless, my door is always open, my phone always answered, and my email always checked, so please don’t hesitate to bring any questions or concerns to my attention.

It is truly a gift and a privilege to be the Director of 308 students and 55 staff members at SIG Princeton. We are all looking forward to the next two weeks!

Hillary Jade

Director and Program Director for SIG at Princeton 2013

SIG at Princeton office: (609) 258-0665

SIG at Princeton Google Voice: (347) 620-0744, answered 24 hours a day


Camp is into full swing and we are so proud of our SIG students! Getting accustomed to a large campus, making new friendships and studying a variety of challenging topics.
We are looking forward to Parent Visitation day on August 4, 2013 from 9 to 11 am. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the faculty as they showcase the work of our students. We are looking forward to a second week of learning!

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Student Activities

We've had a wonderful week here at SIG Princeton so far! Our recreation hours have been a hit with many activities for everyone. We enjoyed a Saturday trip to the Liberty Science Center, an incredible IMAX movie, and a trip to the outlet mall. Brain Bowl champions were crowned this past Saturday as well. This coming week will see competitions in Minute to Win It, Iron Chef, and Casino Night. The all important Six Flags trip will happen this weekend!!!

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If you are planning to take your child off campus this weekend, please give our office staff at least 24 hours notice. This way we can ensure the proper documentation is in order, and that your child will be waiting for you in the office at the appropriate time. If someone other than you, the parent/guardian, is checking your child off campus, please make sure their name and phone number is listed on the “Permission to Leave Campus With” form on the portal. If you are unsure, please contact the office to verify. If this person is not on the list and comes to the office, we will need to get in touch with the parent/guardian for confirmation. An email message with the person’s name, phone number, and relationship to the child is greatly appreciated. This will ensure smooth and proper handling of check-outs and check-ins.

Important Dates!

Saturday, August 3 – Saturday Getaway Trip: All students and staff will be going to Six Flags New Jersey for the day.

Sunday, August 4 – Parent Visitation Day: Instructors will be in Whitman Dining from 9-11am for a meet-and-greet with parents and family. You are welcome to sign your child off campus for the day, but recommend your child is back no later than 7pm. At 7:30, there will be the ever-popular student talent show! Dinner will be served as usual from 6-7pm.

Saturday, August 10 – Closing Ceremony: This will begin at 9am. All students must be off campus by 12pm.