Kata Tjuta, Australia

The Largest Rock In The World!


Kata Tjuta is located in the Southern part of the Northern Territory, in Australia. It is 227 miles south of Alice Springs. It is in the Amadues Basin. Australia is located southeast of Asia.


Kata Tjuta is the world's largest Rock. It appears to be three rocks, but it is connected underneath. The highest peak is 1,500 feet tall. The most striking feature about it is that it is a bold, rusty-red color that is indescribable in words. It appears to come out of no where because the terrain surrounding it is flat with very few trees. At the base, the longest width is 9.4 kilometers. There are about thirty six small, steep-sided rock domes, which look like half-circles. This rock, because it is so vast, has soil in valleys/crevices, in which grow low, tree-like shrubs and grass.

History and Why it is Sacred

Kata Tjuta means "many heads" in the language Aborigines. This rock is sacred because there are many legends or parables about the mountain that lead to the Aborigines' belief in the beginning and creation of the world, known the "Dreaming" as well as how to explain nature events. Although these stories do not seem to make sense to Americans generally, to the Aborigines, these stories are kind of like the Bible is to Christians and the Torah is to Jewish people.

Legends and Beliefs

One of the stories the Aboriginal people tell is of the snake called Wanambi is the basis of parables for their people. These specific parables are about the creation of the universe and forces of nature. Legend has it that during the dry season Wanambi lives in the deep valleys of Kata Tjuta. During the rainy season it is said that Wanambi lives in a basin at the top of the rock. The Aboriginal people also believe that natural forces are caused by Wanambi. The Aborigiones believe that when Wanambi breathes, it causes wind, and when Wanambi, the snake, is angry it causes a hurricane. The Aborigoninal people also use geographical features in their parables, such as the Eastern domed rocks are "Mice Women" and the Southern rocks are "Poisonous Snake Men." Although this may sound strange to us, these parables are closely knit to the Aborigional relgion, just the Parable of the Mustard Seed is to Christians.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park -- Creation Story