Ms. Lindsay's KDG Class Update

November 16, 2014

Noah's Ark & Caring for Animals

Hi everyone,

We had a nice morning yesterday learning the story of Noah's Ark. Many of the students were familiar with pieces of the story, but we hope they took something new away from our lesson. We read "Noah and the Great Flood," by Warwick Hutton and made our own ark art projects to take home. To me, the most important symbol of the story is the rainbow. God made a promise to Noah to never destroy the world again, no matter how poorly people behaved. The rainbow was a symbol of this promise, and we are reminded of that whenever we see a rainbow after a storm. We learn from the story how we should always be kind to one another and to take care of what we have around us. We also are reminded that when we make promises to others in our own lives, it's important to keep those promises. Just like God making this promise to Noah, we promise our children and family that we will always love them...even though there may be times we might not like their behavior! :)

We followed up the story of Noah's Ark with our Taking Care of Animals mitzvah packet. We talked about different ways we can take care of animals inside and outside of our homes (feeding them, taking them for walks, taking them to the vet if they are sick, etc.).

In Library, Ms. Jamah supplemented our lesson by reading "The Littlest Pair," by Sylvia Rouss and "Old Noah's Elephants," by Warren Ludwig. As a reminder, if your child checked out a library book, please make sure to complete the questionnaire/report and return that with the book when we come back from Thanksgiving break, so that he/she receives credit for the reading program.

Our Hebrew letter of the day was Chet, and the key word was Challah. We also learned that Chanukkah begins with a Chet, and all of the students are excited to learn more about the holiday when we come back in December!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, and we'll see you December 7th!

Lindsay & Leah