Grade Level Meeting

May 10, 2015

We can do it!

1.Spotlight-Share something positive about you or your kids.

Shelly- I love Cancun.

Jackie- 20 students exited ESOL and all students made gains.

Emily- Her students have made gains in restating the answers.

Natalie- Her students have made great gains in writing.

Joel- His students are alive.

Amy- I love field day.

2.Instructional Plan for next week
Science/SS- Continue working on Westward Expansion
ELA- Historical Research and IRA administration

Math- Assess learning, Preview and remediate based on student needs, MCAP and MCOMP
3.Data- Put IRA in IC under DRA

4. Due Dates- grading window opens Friday-Friday 13-20

5. Upcoming events (Hawk Happenings)

Choose 40 students that would benefit from the workbooks.-

Divide between classes when we made class lists.

Field Day - May 11th (morning)

Discuss SIT Team info: Grade level-Nest-

Awards Day- May 24 at 8 am- Most Improved Reader, Most Improved Math, Six Flags, all A's, A/B, Perfect Attendance, Character Awards, Reading/Writing/Math excellence, Spelling Bee winners,

Start working on class lists on the 18th.

Questions for administration: When are class lists due?