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Say Hello to 2016

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Swimmer of the Year: Klaus Pless

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Klaus Pless Named Swimmer of the Year

Klaus Pless is a well deserved 2015 recipient of the coveted Greenville Splash Swimmer of the Year award. Klaus started swimming with Greenville Splash four years ago. He paid attention to constructive criticism from his coaches to change his methodical catch up style freestyle into "real freestyle" with an improved kick. Klaus has entered many swim meets, open water swims and triathlons without any fear. He is a true team player and swims every event at swim meets to contribute to team points. He never says no. When told that our swimmer dropped out of the 400 IM and we needed him to take their place his reply was, "What lane?" Klaus always comes to practice with an exuberant smile and willingness to swim without even stopping for intervals!

Klaus attempted the Swim Around Charleston in 2013 and made a few rookie mistakes as he exceeded the time limit and was pulled out of the water. Many swimmers would give up on such a huge undertaking, but this only spurred Klaus on. He was determined to reach the finish line in 2015 and not repeat previous mistakes. So he trained even harder with 12-13 hours per week which included some killer distance workouts up to 8,000 yards at a time. Klaus spent months preparing for the 12 mile swim. He set a goal of finishing the swim in 5:59. At the start of the swim Klaus says the first miles flew by like nothing thanks to a strong current. He then followed a period of swimming without current; he pushed through wind, waves and mental toughness. He happened to see a coast guard boat and got a little nervous that he would get pulled out again. But he saw the finish line and gave a big smile and sprinted to the end with his strong little kicks. His finish time was 5:59:31, exactly 29 seconds ahead of his prediction. It was the sweet smell of victory! He felt so strong he could have turned around to swim back for another 12 miles. Klaus is an inspiration of what can be possible even though there may be set backs along the way. Klaus looks forward to learning more from his swim coaches, fellow swimmers and to the next endurance challenge. Klaus especially wanted to thank all of his coaches, his kayaker and sidekick, Allan Byer and many others.

Tyler Sanders

Best wishes and good luck to Tyler Sanders as he starts training in the Air Force to become a Pararescue. He had to pass a swim test in order to be accepted so he started swimming with Greenville Splash last spring. Tyler is such a hard worker in practice and was such a joy to coach. Tyler is a genuine and thoughtful person and was always so appreciative towards his coaches and other swimmers. It was inspiring to watch his dedication pay off in improved swim performances. Now he is ready to start his next goal and begin this elite training program in January. We wish him continued success for the next 2 years.

Upcoming Events

Jan 30

Speedo USMS One Hour e-Postal National Championship

7:00 - 9:00 am at Westside. Must RSVP with Leslie or Amy. Swimmers will be required to swim one hour and time one hour. Come swim for fun or to enter the postal event.

Feb. 19-21

South Carolina SCY Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC

Online entries due by Feb. 16

Postponed to March 5-6

Charlotte Sunbelt SCY Meet at Huntersville Family and Fitness Center

11725 Verhoeff Rd. Huntersville, NC 28070

Our team loves this meet! We have a ton of fun. We need you to help us score team points! Online entries due by Feb. 28.

April 9-10

Dixie Zone SCY Championships in Atlanta, GA

April 14-17

Y Nationals, Sarasota, Fl Contact Sara Bopp for more info:

April 28-May 1

USMS Nationals, Greensboro, NC

Please let Leslie know if you are going. So far the following swimmers are planning to attend: Roger Clifton, Susan DeMere, Chris Gibbs, Daniel Hynum, Christina Jeffrey, Gene Magliaro, Carolyn Moore, Pam Morris-Wingerter, Casey Oliver, Kristi Panaytoff, Gretchen Pingley, Leslie Scott, Nicole Smith, Scott Tanner, Warren White

June 4

Low Country Splash 2.4 and 5 Mile Open Water Swim, Charleston, SC

Sept 17-18 Greenville Splash Hosts the Upstate Splash

Saturday: Upstate Splash Open Water Charity Swim, Lake Jocassee

Sunday: Swim Clinic with Chloe Sutton at Westside

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Splashing Accomplishments

The Upstate Splash presents a check to Westside to provide swim lessons for at-risk youth.

We had a record number Long Course National Awards: 14 Swimmers received individual top ten recognition, 22 relay top ten times and 3 All American relay teams!

Top Ten in the USMS for Long Course 2015

Every season USMS compiles the times from meets across the country and these swimmers earned top honors in their age groups.

Top Ten Individual:

Scott Tanner: 6th 1500 Free, 4th 100 Back, 200 Back and 50 Fly, 10th 100 Fly, 8th 200 Fly, 9th 200 IM

Wesley Sawyer: 7th 200 Back, 10th 50 Back

Mark Kothe: 7th 100 Free

Bill Robertson: 8th 100 Free

Rachel Smith: 5th 1500 Free

Kenzie Alexander: 7th 1500 Free

Molly Willingham 4th 50 Back

Jenni Russell 7th 400 IM, 9th 200 Breast

Stephanie Nagele: 7th 100 Back and 800 Free

Kiah Bellows: 4th 200 Breast, 5th 400 IM

Karen Sturgis: 8th 800 Free, 9th 200 IM

Tracy King: 7th 100 Breast

Jennifer Cranny: 5th 800 Free, 8th 50 Fly, 3rd 200 Fly, 6th 200 IM, 7th 400 IM

Carolyn Moore: 7th 100 Breast, 8th 200 IM

Relay Top Ten

120+ M 200 Medley: Wesley Sawyer, Scott Tanner, Neal Robinson, Mark Kothe

120+ M 400 Free: Neal Robinson, Joaquin Navarro, Mark Kothe, Scott Tanner

160+ M 400 Medley: Scott Tanner, Wesley Sawyer, Troy McAlister, Mark Kothe

240+ M 400 Medley: David Preuninger, John Delvin, Rick Haverland, Allan Byer

72+ W 200 Free: Jenni Russell, Rachel Smith, Kiah Bellows, Stephanie Nagele

72+ W 200 Medley: Molly Willingham, Jenni Russell, Kenzie Alexander, Stephanie Nagele

72+ W 400 Free: Rachel Smith, Kenzie Alexander, Kiah Bellows, Stephanie Nagele

72+ W 400 Medley: Kenzie Alexander, Jenni Russell, Molly Willingham, Rachel Smith

120+ W 200 Free: Kenzie Alexander, Tiffany Ours, Amy Browning, Casey Oliver

160+ W 200 Medley: Karen Sturgis, Amy Browning, Carolyn Moore, Tracy King

160+ W 400 Free: Leslie Scott, Carolyn Moore, Sara Bopp, Karen Sturgis

160+ W 400 Medley: Carolyn Moore, Tracy King, Karen Sturgis, Amy Browning

240+ W 400 Medley: Kristi Panayotoff, Chris Gibbs, Leslie Scott, Christina Jeffrey

120+ Mixed 200 Free: Jenni Russell, Mark Kothe, Rachel Smith, Neal Robinson

120+ Mixed 400 Medley: Casey Oliver, John Delvin, Rachel Smith, Joaquin Navarro

160+ Mixed 400 Free: Tracy King, Tyler Scott, Karen Sturgis, Jerry Anguiano

160+ Mixed 800 Free: Carolyn Moore, Amy Browning, Troy McAlister, John Delvin

200+ Mixed 400 Free: Leslie Scott, John Delvin, Carolyn Moore, Troy McAlister

200+ Mixed 800 Free: Leslie Scott, Sara Bopp, Warren White, Rick Haverland

280+ Mixed 200 Free: Christina Jeffrey, Bill Robertson, Kristi Panaytoff, David Preuninger

280+ Mixed 200 Medley: Bill Robertson, David Preuninger, Kristi Panaytoff, Christina Jeffrey

All American Relays: The fastest relays in the U.S. in their age group for 2015

72+ W 800 Free: Kiah Bellows, Rachel Smith, Kenzie Alexander, Stephanie Nagele

100+ Mixed 400 Free: Molly Willingham, Wesley Sawyer, Stephanie Nagele, Scott Tanner

100+ Mixed 400 Medley: Neal Robinson, Kiah Bellows, Scott Tanner, Stephanie Nagele

Fabulous Swims at the South Carolina SCM Championships in Columbia!

It was exciting to have 3 new swimmers: Gretchen Pingley, Nicole Smith and Roger Clifton! We had 2 high point winners: Nicole Smith and Kristi Panayotoff and many first place finishes. A special shout out goes to Roger Clifton for dropping 4 seconds off his 50 free time! Thanks to Susan DeMere, Chris Gibbs, Christina Jeffrey, Stephanie Nagele, David Preuninger, Bill Robertson, Warren White and Leslie Scott for making Greenville Splash proud.

Workout Schedules

Westside Aquatic Complex

TuTh 5:30-7:00 am, M 9:00-10:30 am, Sat 7:00-8:00 am

MW 6:30 - 7:30 pm (starting Jan. 4)

No joining fee in January

The pool will be long course every weekend except 1/9, 1/30, 2/27 and 3/5

Pool closed from 1:00 on 2/12 through 2/15 all day for swim meet.

Kroc Center

MWF 6:00-7:00 am

Sat 8:00-9:15 am

Coach leads the workout from the water

No joining fee in January

Middle Tyger YMCA

M/Tu/W/Th 7:00-8:00 pm

Coach leads the workout from the water

Team Fundraising

Need some swimming gear:

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When ordering through use the team code Splash to receive discounts

Holiday Fun

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Time to Register with United States Masters Swimming

Now is the time to register with USMS for 2016. Greenville Splash swimmers are strongly encouraged to register with USMS. Many events require membership in USMS. Click here to register: