Kelsea Rae Stoner

by: Maci Hatcher

facts about kelsea:

~born August 30, 2001

~has two older sisters: Courtney and Kaity

~Loves One Direction

~a follower of Christ

free time:

When kelsea has free time she injoys playing soccer. Soccer is very important to her because it has tought her patience and teamwork.

Life goal:

Kelsea's main goal in in life is to have a beautiful personality while maintaining beautiful on the outside.

life changing experience:

She describes The Rise was as a life as a life changing experience because it brought her closer to God and she became more kind and careing. Another thing that changed Kelsea's life was getting over insecurity. To do that she had to stay optimistic at all times. It was a challenge ,but she conquered it with flying colors.

joyful, fun ,and happy