Rehearsal 1-3PM Sunday 9th Nov

Worship Set for 17th

We're back!

Hey guys! So we're back, bigger and better than last time! Better organised and with more plan. Here it is!

We've been asked to play three songs again on the 17th of November, and so we're going to rehearse on the 9th to prepare.

The three tunes are:

1. Hillsong - Cornerstone

2. Brenton Brown - Lord Reign in Me / Over All The Earth

3. Brenton Brown - Strength Will Rise

This page has some videos of interesting versions of the tunes we're going to be doing so hopefully you'll get inspired by them, and it'd be great if you could watch them a few times so that you were comfortable with the material even if you think you know the songs already.

IMPORTANT - if you click on the title of the song above the video, it will take you to a PDF of the sheet music for the song. Please use that because then everyone has the same music.

We just want to pray that we're used powerfully by God and that we can worship Him in a meaningful way and lead others to do the same. See you all on Sunday!

Cornerstone - Hillsong Live
Cornerstone Acoustic - Hillsong
Lord Reign In Me - Brenton Brown
Brenton Brown - Everlasting God
Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord (Everlasting God)