Kindergarten Happenings

What's going on in January!

Making Word Families

Each week we study a new word family. At the start of the week we use large letters and create each word.

My Skills Buddy book

Each week in our reading series we focus on different letters and sounds. We use our My Skills Buddy books and with a partner have to search a big picture to find things that begin with the weekly letter(s).

We also partner read stories.

Daily Math Journals

Beginning in January we are completing a Daily Math Journal. We will discuss many different skills using these journals. Each day we work on a different prompt.

Verb Charades!

We've been reviewing that a verb is an action word, something that you do. To practice verbs, we love playing a game of Verb Charades! We work in teams and take turns guessing what the verbs are.


It's all about winter right now. We discussed different animals that can be found in artic locations and things you can do in the winter.

We practiced labeling pictures. We also used the picture cards to write about things we like to do in the winter.

Spelling City

Check out the link below for access to Spelling City for our spelling words.

Mrs. Amy Paulhamus

Kindergarten Teacher

Chesterbrook Academy

Collegeville, Pa