Marching Through Creative Writing

What's happening this month in CW at PA Virtual

What are the projects and events?

Unit 3 - Digitally Re-telling Stories

Students will select a story never told visually/auditorially, and create a digital version of it.

They will be free to apply creativity to which story (so long as it is not a picture book or video yet), including re-telling someone else's story, or re-telling one of their own!

How? Their creativity will be afire. They may use live-action video, slideshow with soundtracks, or storybirds.

Why? Because it attunes storytellers to the elements of story. By retelling a previously written story, and retelling it effectively, writers attend closely to the questions that kick off a storyline. A storyline is the obstacle that characters must overcome and the transformation they experience by overcoming it.

Students will also continue with "Reading Like A Writer"-- Book selection 2 and review will be done by the end of the month.

Journaling continues for the joy and habit of writing to be practiced until it comes naturally.

How do students get help?

Workshops on Monday are live, and attendees get added participation points by attending 2-3pm sessions.

Workshops are recorded for those who cannot come and are required viewing. By filling out the attendance survey and question as student view the recording, they earn participation points. They can also earn by reading and commenting.

Office hours continue on Wed. from 9-11a, Fri. 10-12p, and by making an appt.

Some Exciting Developments!

Peer Assessment

This month, students will be trained to use rubrics to assess their own and peers grading for more feedback on writing and to learn the power of positive feedback. By learning to give and receive meaningful feedback, students will become more conscious of what to practice when writing.

Questions always welcome!