Google Driverless Car Project

Ms. Fulton, Technology Exploration

Driverless Car Components:

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Driverless Car Overview

I would like you learn a little more about this project. Please click on the video car thumbnail below. When the page loads, remember to click the "watch video" button to view the video!

How does this work?

I would like you to hear a little more about the process of how this works. Please click on the car thumbnail below. When the page loads, please play the video.

History of the Self-Driving Car

Click on the car thumbnail link below. Under the statement "In 2009, we started testing our self-driving technology...." use the navigation arrows to advance to the other slides.

Tying it Together:

Please take a look at the site, to tie up any loose ends you might have about this concept.


In the forum found below in moodle, please:
  1. share your thoughts and concerns about this technology in regards to society or on the future.
  2. Please respond to at least one other person's post as well - telling them that you agree with there statement and why, or politely disagree and why, or add something in to what they have to contribute.

In your posts, please use:
  • proper spelling,
  • correct grammar
  • and complete sentences.
  • at least 3 sentences