Friday Feature

News and Notes for the Madison Staff (12/5/14)

Resources to help students become accustomed to skills needed in the PARCC assessment!

Check out these great resources and practice them with your grade level students!

  • Practice click and dragging protractors!
  • Typing into fraction boxes!
  • First Graders can practice dragging numbers to skip count!
  • More resources are being added to this page as PARCC shares addtional needed skills.

St. Baldrick's Day

If you are thinking about shaving for St. Baldrick's Day, please let me know. There is a special gift for shavees that takes time to prepare. No expectation, obviously! :)

Here is a special "Thank You" video the St. Baldrick's organization sent out to organizers last week: It is a 90 second thank you that you may want to show to your class.

Girls wishing to participate in donating hair for wigs for cancer patients, should be referred to this site: Girls will be able to donate in this way at our St. Baldrick's celebration.

Teaching and Learning Site for Local Test ID Codes

Pam is delivering hard copies of ELA and Math Local Assessment codes, but refer to the "Teaching and Learning" site here if you need them again.

  • Sign in to Google.
  • Go to the "Brady Bunch" icon and find "sites".
  • Type "Teaching and Learning" on the search form.
  • Go to you "District Posts" and find your grade and subject area.

December 10 Staff Meeting

At our December 10 Staff Meeting, we will look at the PARCC writing rubric and compare it to the GLEW. All staff teaching language arts, writing skills should be in attendance as we'll spend time on the GLEW.

GCA Cleaning Review

I am looking for new critiques on the nightly cleaning in classrooms and around the school. Many of you informed me of issues last month. Please let me know ASAP if these issues have been resolved or if there are existing issues that need to be addressed.

Important Dates

Wed, Dec 10: 8:30AM Staff Meeting (GLEW and PARCC)

Wed, Dec 10: PM Team to attend FIT Training

Fri, Dec 12: 8:30AM Cookie Exchange

Fri, Dec 12: 9:30AM Edison Band/Orchestra Assembly

Fri, Dec 12: 3:45PM 3rd annual Helping Hands at Tamling's

Wed, Dec 17: 7:00PM Winter Concert

All certified staff should plan on opening classrooms at 6:40 and concluding at 8:30PM.

Fri, Dec 19: 1:15PM Winter Parties

Fri, Dec 19: District online reading assessments are due and final

Fri, Dec 19: 2:15PM Winter Grade Level Fun-time

Sat, Jan 24: Pancake Breakfast

Fri, Feb 6: Winter Carnival

Fri, Mar 20: St. Baldrick's Day

Fri, May 22: EMD