Should I Go To College?

What's your path?

In this video, I'll talk through a few things to consider in regards to your future.

We often think of "college" as a 4 year university plan...but is that really what it means? There are many paths that involve post-high-school training to consider. I'll talk about a few of these things in the video, and what steps you can take to think about your future plans.
Is college for you?

Hey! If you watched the video and want to think about options and your interests, check here!

Here is something called the "Super Strong" Interest inventory. It will tell you what industry sectors you match with, with more information about the jobs/careers as well. Once you get logged in, it's easy. I did it, and it was very accurate!

If you need a code it is Ecmctcp-oregon.


This gives you some things to think about related to your future plans. It also outlines the steps to take, to start planning for a career. I recently heard Dr. Fleming speak, and he stated that "education counts, and skills count more." What are you doing to build your skills, as a person, academically, and in specific areas needed for work?
Success in the New Economy - FutureBuilt

Career Pathways at Stayton High School: Start exploring now!

You can start learning about different careers for free, now, by taking classes at Stayton High School. We have multiple pathways that can expose you to hands-on experiences in a variety of careers.

Interested in working with animals, wildlife conservation, and forestry related fields? Take classes in the Agriculture pathway. You can learn about the biology of plants and animals, agribusiness, and take part in FFA, where you can compete with students from other schools.

If you are interested in the medical field, the Biomedical Science pathway is for you. Learn about different careers, have hands-on experiences with real lab equipment, and gain the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for a career in medicine.

If you are interested in learning about how business works, and even getting some hands on experience running the student store, look to take some Business classes. They will help you understand marketing, managing money, and how the business world works. You can also be a part of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), where you can compete with other students in business-related topics.

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher or going into a field where you will work with kids, the Education pathway has classes for you. You will learn about the education field, different age levels, and get a chance to work with students in another school.

The Emergency and Public Services pathway is a great option for students going a variety of professions that work with the public. These include first responders, social workers, lawyers, and family therapists.

If you are interested in entering the skilled trades, we have one of the best Manufacturing and Construction pathways you can find. You can learn how to weld, to program machines, to build with wood, and all sorts of workplace skills that will prepare you for future employment. You can be a part of the SKILLS USA team, competing in fabrication and manufacturing techniques, and even be a part of building a residential home.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields are a growing and exciting future-focused field. The world moves with technology, so learn what it takes to be a part of making it happen.

Top Skills Employers are Looking For

Big picture

A few final words.

There are jobs that you can ONLY get if you finish a college by not getting one, you may be limiting yourself in the future, unless you go back to school. In general, more training and/or schooling means more opportunity in one way or another.

If you are a senior, do your FAFSA and keep an eye on college's far better to apply and decide not to attend a school, than to miss a deadline and later wish you had applied. Keep your options open.

As I said above, there are a lot of choices post-high school, and you may not know what direction you want to take yet. Some of the best things you can do at any grade level in high school are to keep your grades up, take a variety of classes, and think about your skills and interests. I'm here to help if you want to talk about some ideas.