What is Truancy

truancy is a unexcued absence from school.

What causes truancy?

  • Low grades in reading and math
  • Neurological factors such ad dyslexia
  • Not a le to make friends
  • Negative attitude towards school and/or teachers
  • Parents do not value education
  • He is parent might not have finished school
  • Poor parenting
  • Weak montoring of daily school atendance

Consequences of truancy

  1. They will most likely drop- of school
  2. They are more likely to become/have: drug and alcohol abusers teenage pregnancys and delinquency
  3. They could effect the education on other students by making the teacher deal with him/her
  4. Males are more likely to get in legal trouble then truant females
  5. They have a cery low chance of getting a job


Truancies per 1000 juveniles

Truance peaks at age of 15

Age:10 .1/1000 truancies

Age:11 .3/1000 truancies

Age12 .6/1000 truancies

Age:13 1.3/1000 truancies

Age:14 2.3/1000 truancies

Age:15 3.0/1000 truancies

Age:16 2.0/1000 truancies

Age:17 1.4/1000 truancies


There are many reslurces you can use. You could call antriancy hotline depending on where you live. You could talk to your school counselor. If you are struggling in a class you could talk to that teacher and get sone extra help or try to get a friend to help. And try tonget your parents more involved in your education and if they do care about education tell them that your u do.